Synonyms and Antonyms of rive

  1. 1 to cause to separate into pieces usually suddenly or forcibly <road pavement that had been riven by the annual freeze-and-thaw cycle> Synonyms break up, bust, distintegrate, dismember, disrupt, fracture, fragment, breakRelated Words atomize, crush, grind, powder, pulverize, reduce; blast, blow up, burst, detonate, explode; crack, pop, shatter, shiver, smash; chip, sliver, splinter, split; implode; destroy, ruin, wreckNear Antonyms doctor, fix, heal, mend, patch, rebuild, recondition, reconstruct, renovate, repair

  2. 2 to cause (something) to separate into jagged pieces by violently pulling at it <the bitter disappointment threatened to rive my heart in two> Synonyms rend, ribbon, rip, tear, shred, tatterRelated Words break, cleave, rupture, split; cut, gash, incise, lacerate, slash; butcher, dismember, dissect, hack, mangle

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