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  1. 1 to restore to a healthy condition a low-fat vegetarian diet, moderate exercise, and stress management help heal a diseased heart heal the sick Synonyms cure, fix, mend, rehab, rehabilitate, set up Related Words attend (to), care (for), doctor, medicate, minister (to), nurse, physic, treat; fortify, rejuvenate, renew, resuscitate, revitalize, revive; alleviate, relieve, remedy, repair Near Antonyms cripple, damage, disable, harm, hurt, impair, injure, lacerate, lame, maim, mangle, mutilate, wound; afflict, ail, debilitate, enervate, enfeeble, lay up, sap, sicken, waste, weaken

  2. 2 to become healthy and strong again after illness or weakness most of the soldiers could go home while they were still healing from their wounds Synonyms come back, gain, convalesce, mend, pull round [chiefly British], rally, recoup, recover, recuperate, snap backRelated Words come around, come round, come to, improve, pick up, revive; cheer (up), perk (up); pull through, survive; recruitNear Antonyms ail, collapse, come down, sicken; decline, degenerate, deteriorate, fade, fail, languish, sink, waste (away), weaken, wilt, wither, worsen; regress, relapse

  3. 3 to bring about recovery from time heals all wounds, even those of the heart Synonyms cure, mend, remedyRelated Words allay, alleviate, assuage, relieve; palliate, salve, soothe; ease, lighten, moderate, temper; doctor, nurse; medicate, treat; diagnoseNear Antonyms aggravate, worsen; misdiagnose, overdiagnose, underdiagnose

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