Synonyms and Antonyms of waste

  1. producing inferior or only a small amount of vegetation waste acreage that was not fit for anything Synonyms bony (also boney), dead, desolate, hardscrabble, impoverished, infertile, poor, stark, unfertile, unproductive, barrenRelated Words bleak, inhospitable, lifeless; uncultivable, untillable; bankrupted, consumed, debilitated, depleted, diminished, drained, dried-up, enfeebled, exhausted, expended, lessened, reduced, spent, used up; arid, desert, droughty, dry, rainless, sere (also sear), thirsty, waterless; baked, dehydrated, parched, sunbakedNear Antonyms arable, tillable; green, sylvan, verdantAntonyms fertile, fruitful, lush, luxuriant, productive, rich



Synonyms and Antonyms of waste

  1. 1 an instance of spending money or resources without care or restraint it seems like a waste to spend my entire paycheck on a bigger TV Synonyms extravagance, prodigality Related Words indulgence, luxury, splurge; loss, wastage; dissipation, profligacy, profusion, squandering, wastefulness; overindulgence, self-indulgence; excess, immoderacy, overkill Near Antonyms necessity; belt-tightening, conservation, economizing, economy, frugality, parsimony, penny-pinching, saving, scrimping, skimping, thrift; austerity, moderation, restraint, temperance, temperateness

  2. 2 discarded or useless material gathered up the waste when he was finished sewing Synonyms chaff, deadwood, debris, dreck (also drek), dross, dust, effluvium (also effluvia), junk, litter, offal, offscouring, raffle, refuse, riffraff, rubbish, scrap, spilth, trash, truck, garbageRelated Words crud, sewage, slop, swill, wash; detritus, remains, rubble, ruins; dump, scrap heap; lumber, odds and ends, trumpery; flotsam, jetsam, wreckage; castoff, cull, discard, hand-me-down, reject, throwaway; nothing, straw, two bitsNear Antonyms catch, gem, goody (or goodie), jewel, pearl, plum, prize, treasure, treasure trove, trove, valuable; booty, find, salvage

  3. 3 land that is uninhabited or not fit for crops an area that was a barren waste after the strip-mining had ended Synonyms barren, desert, desolation, heath, no-man's-land, wastelandRelated Words badland; brush, bush; dust bowl; open, open air, outdoors, out-of-doors; nature, wild, wilderness

  4. 4 solid matter discharged from an animal's alimentary canal a local ordinance requiring dog owners to properly dispose of their pet's waste Synonyms dirt, doo-doo, dung, excrement, excreta, feces, ordure, poop, scat, slops, soil, droppingRelated Words night soil, stool; dunghill, guano, manure, midden, muck; spoor; sewage, sewerage; coprolite

  5. 5 a wide space or area a legendary mariner doomed to sail the watery wastes of the world until Judgment Day Synonyms breadth, distance, expansion, extent, field, length, plain, reach, sheet, spread, stretch, expanseRelated Words domain, sphere, territory; compass, range, scope, sweep; gamut, scale, spectrum; depth, emptiness, void; extension, latitude, span; amplitude, immensity, magnitude

  6. 6 a gradual weakening, loss, or destruction the slow waste of the once broad beach by the relentless tide Synonyms attrition, erosion, undermining, corrosionRelated Words breakdown, decay, decomposition, disintegration, dissolutionNear Antonyms gain, increaseAntonyms buildup



Synonyms and Antonyms of waste

  1. 1 to use up carelessly he wasted his lottery winnings on booze-soaked nights with gold diggers Synonyms blow, dissipate, fiddle away, fritter (away), lavish, lose, misspend, run through, spend, squander, throw away, trifle (away) Related Words splurge; consume, deplete, exhaust, impoverish, overspend, shoot; indulge, overindulge; disburse, expend, lay out Phrases play ducks and drakes with (or make ducks and drakes of) Near Antonyms economize, scrimp, skimp; preserve, protect, save; hoard, lay up Antonyms conserve

  2. 2 to bring to a complete end the physical soundness, existence, or usefulness of one country attempting to waste another Synonyms annihilate, cream, decimate, demolish, desolate, devastate, do in, extinguish, nuke, pull down, pulverize, raze, rub out, ruin, shatter, smash, tear down, total, vaporize, destroy, wrack, wreckRelated Words beat, best, clobber, conquer, crush, defeat, drub, lick, master, overbear, overcome, overmatch, prevail (over), rout, scotch, skunk, subdue, surmount, thrash, trim, triumph (over), trounce, wallop, whip, win (against); blast, blow up, break, cripple, damage, deface, deteriorate, disfigure, disintegrate, dissolve, dynamite, harm, impair, injure, mangle, mar, mutilate, spoil, vitiate; erode, scour, sweep (away), wash out, wear (away); dilapidate, disassemble, dismantle, gut, take down, unbuild, undo, unmake; blot out, efface, eradicate, expunge, exterminate, extirpate, liquidate, obliterate, remove, root (out), snuff (out), stamp (out), wipe out; despoil, havoc, loot, pillage, plunder, ravage, sack, trample, trash, vandalize; assassinate, butcher, cut down, dispatch, execute, fell, kill, kill off, massacre, mow (down), murder, slaughter, slay, take out, zapNear Antonyms doctor, fix, mend, patch, recondition, repair, revamp; create, invent; assemble, fabricate, fashion, forge, form, frame, make, manufacture, mold, produce, shape; bring about, constitute, establish, father, found, institute, organize; conserve, preserve, protect, save; rebuild, reconstruct, remodel, renovate, restoreAntonyms build, construct, erect, put up, raise, rear, set up

  3. 3 to diminish the physical strength of endless months of inactivity wasted him Synonyms debilitate, devitalize, enervate, enfeeble, etiolate, prostrate, sap, soften, tire, weakenRelated Words cripple, disable, hamstring, incapacitate; deplete, depress, exhaust, impoverish, unman, wash out; damage, harm, hurt, impair, injure, invalid, lay up; break down, grind (down), wear down, wear out; paralyzeNear Antonyms energize, invigorate, recruit, rejuvenate, vitalize; harden, season, toughenAntonyms beef (up), fortify, strengthen

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