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  1. 1 discarded or useless material he poured the dreck she called soup down the drain Synonyms chaff, deadwood, debris, garbage (also drek), dross, dust, effluvium (also effluvia), junk, litter, offal, offscouring, raffle, refuse, riffraff, rubbish, scrap, spilth, trash, truck, wasteRelated Words crud, sewage, slop, swill, wash; detritus, remains, rubble, ruins; dump, scrap heap; lumber, odds and ends, trumpery; flotsam, jetsam, wreckage; castoff, cull, discard, hand-me-down, reject, throwaway; nothing, straw, two bitsNear Antonyms catch, gem, goody (or goodie), jewel, pearl, plum, prize, treasure, treasure trove, trove, valuable; booty, find, salvage

  2. 2 that which is of low quality or worth can you believe that the gallery owner dares to call that dreck “art”? Synonyms cheese, crapola [slang], junk (also drek), muck, rubbish, sleaze, slop, slush, trash, tripeRelated Words camp, kitsch; claptrap, humbug, nonsense; bomb, clinker, clunker, dud, lemon, stinker, turkey; mess, muddle, shambles

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