Synonyms and Antonyms of offscouring

  1. 1 discarded or useless material the foundry's offscouring was the neighborhood's eyesore Synonyms chaff, deadwood, debris, dreck (also drek), dross, dust, effluvium (also effluvia), junk, litter, offal, garbage, raffle, refuse, riffraff, rubbish, scrap, spilth, trash, truck, wasteRelated Words crud, sewage, slop, swill, wash; detritus, remains, rubble, ruins; dump, scrap heap; lumber, odds and ends, trumpery; flotsam, jetsam, wreckage; castoff, cull, discard, hand-me-down, reject, throwaway; nothing, straw, two bitsNear Antonyms catch, gem, goody (or goodie), jewel, pearl, plum, prize, treasure, treasure trove, trove, valuable; booty, find, salvage

  2. 2 one who is cast out or rejected by society the hills are controlled by bandits and other unsavory offscourings who have taken up a life outside the law Synonyms castaway, castoff, leper, outcast, pariah, rejectRelated Words untouchable; outsider; deportee, exileNear Antonyms insider

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