Synonyms and Antonyms of conservation

  1. 1 the careful maintaining and protection of something valuable especially in its natural or original state everyone has a duty to aid in the conservation of our nation's wilderness areas Synonyms conservancy, preservation, sustentation Related Words care, maintenance, upkeep; salvation, saving; defense, guardianship, guarding, keeping, protection, safeguarding, safekeeping; economy, husbandry, management Near Antonyms dereliction, ignoring, neglect, squandering, waste; destruction, ruin; damage, harm, hurt, injury

  2. 2 the act or activity of keeping something in an existing and usually satisfactory condition the conservation of the nation's monuments and memorials Synonyms care and feeding, maintenance, conserving, keep, preservation, preserving, sustentation, upkeepRelated Words conservancy; support, sustaining; care, custody, guardianship; defense, guarding, protection, safeguarding, safekeepingNear Antonyms dereliction, disregard, ignoring, inattention, neglect, negligence; damage, demolition, destruction, harm, hurt, injury, ruin, ruination

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