Synonyms and Antonyms of injury

  1. 1 something that causes loss or pain the harsh words were the worst injury that his father could inflict Synonyms affliction, damage, detriment, harm, hurt Related Words disservice, injustice, outrage, wrong; affront, dart, indignity, insult, offense (or offence); beating, crippling, mayhem, mutilation; defacement, disability, disablement, disfigurement, impairment; lesion; rupture, strain; abrasion, chafe, scrape, scratch; boo-boo, bruise, contusion, swelling, wound; bump, concussion; cut, gash, laceration; burn, scald, scar, scathe, sear Near Antonyms healing, recovery; cure, fix, remedy

  2. 2 unfair or inadequate treatment of someone or something or an instance of this the state did the rancher an injury when it destroyed his herd of cattle without adequate proof that it was diseased Synonyms inequity, disservice, injustice, raw deal, shaft, unfairness, unjustness, wrongRelated Words affront, indignity, insult, offense (or offence), outrage, put-down, slight, slur; beef, complaint, grievanceNear Antonyms cricketAntonyms equitableness, equity, fairness, justice

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