Synonyms and Antonyms of concussion

  1. 1 a forceful coming together of two things <the concussion of the airliner slamming into the skyscraper was felt for several blocks in all directions> Synonyms bump, collision, impact, crash, impingement, jar, jolt, jounce, kick, shock, slam, smash, strike, wallopRelated Words blow, buffet, hit, knock, punch, rap, slap, thump; bashing, battering, bludgeoning, clobbering, hammering, lambasting, licking, pounding, pummeling (also pummelling), thrashing; contact, encounter, meeting, touch

  2. 2 the violent coming together of two bodies into destructive contact <the theory that such a concussion, by a giant asteroid or comet millions of years ago, led to the extinction of the dinosaurs> Synonyms collision, crash, crack-up, smash, smashup, wreckRelated Words accident, pileup; demolishment, destruction, ruin

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