Synonyms and Antonyms of accident

  1. 1 a chance and usually sudden event bringing loss or injury was involved in a minor accident on her way home from work Synonyms casualty, mischance, mishap Related Words calamity, cataclysm, catastrophe, cropper, deathblow, disaster, tragedy; bummer, knock, misadventure, misfortune; collision, crack-up, crash, smashup, wreck Near Antonyms boon, break, fluke, godsend, miracle, strike, windfall; fortune, luck, serendipity

  2. 2 the uncertain course of events you shouldn't leave it to accident to decide where you'll be lodging in the course of your trip across the country Synonyms chance, casualty [archaic], circumstance, hap, hazard, luckRelated Words fortuitousness, fortuity, haphazardry, randomness, uncertainty; fluke, happenchance, happenstance; destiny, doom, fate, fortune, lot; danger, peril, riskNear Antonyms intent, intention, purpose; design, outline, plan, scheme

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