Synonyms and Antonyms of touch

  1. 1 the state or fact of being able to exchange information regarding one's current situation everyone promised to keep in touch over the summer Synonyms of touch communication, contact, hold Words Related to touch commerce, communion, intercommunication, intercourse

  2. 2 a very small amount added just a touch of parsley to the dish Synonyms of touch ace, bit, crumb, dab, dram, driblet, glimmer, hint, lick, little, mite, nip, ounce, peanuts, ray, scintilla, scruple, shade, shadow, shred, skosh, smack, smell, smidgen (also smidgeon or smidgin or smidge), snap, soupçon, spark, spatter, speck, splash, spot, sprinkling, strain, streak, suspicion, tad, particle, traceWords Related to touch hoot, iota, jot, minim, minimum, modicum, semblance, syllable, tittle, vestige, whit; atom, dot, fleck, flyspeck, grain, granule, molecule, morsel, mote, nubbin, patch, scrap; dash, drop, pinch; part, portion, section; bite, nibble, taste; handful, scattering, smatter, smattering; dose, shot; chip, flake, fragment, shard, shiver, sliver, smithereens, splinter; shred, tatter; clipping, paring, shavingNear Antonyms of touch abundance, barrel, boatload, bucket, bundle, bushel, deal, fistful, gobs, heaps, lashings (also lashins) [chiefly British], loads, lot, mass, mess, mountain, much, oodles, passel, peck, pile, plenty, potful, profusion, quantity, raft, reams, scads, stack, wad, wealth; volume; bonanza, embarrassment, excess, overabundance, overage, overflow, overkill, overmuch, oversupply, superabundance, superfluity, surfeit, surplus; chunk, hunk, lump, slab

  3. 3 something that sets apart an individual from others of the same kind each designer has his or her own personal touches Synonyms of touch affection, attribute, attribution, character, criterion, diagnostic, differentia, feature, fingerprint, hallmark, mark, marker, note, particularity, peculiarity, point, property, quality, specific, stamp, characteristic, traitWords Related to touch badge, indication, sign; emblem, symbol, token; charm, grace; excellence, merit, virtue; eccentricity, idiosyncrasy, oddity, quirk; individuality, singularity, uniqueness

  4. 4 an almost imperceptible sign of something a touch of irritation tinged his voice as the candidate fielded yet another question about his personal finances Synonyms of touch breath, flicker, glimmer, suggestion, tang, hint, trace, whiffWords Related to touch inkling, intimation, scent, wind; evidence, indication, mark, signNear Antonyms of touch permeation, pervasion, saturation



Synonyms and Antonyms of touch

  1. 1 to come into bodily contact with (something) so as to perceive a slight pressure on the skin be careful not to touch this pan—it's still hot Synonyms of touch feel Words Related to touch caress, embrace, finger, fondle, hug, kiss, lip, nose, nudge, nuzzle, paw, rub, stroke; palp, palpate; brush, graze, shave, skim; clasp, clench, cling (to), clutch, grasp, grip, handle, hold, palm; chuck, clap, dab, flick, pat, tag, tap, tip; hit, knock, pound, rap, whack

  2. 2 to act upon (a person or a person's feelings) so as to cause a response your speech on the true meaning of patriotism touched me deeply Synonyms of touch impact, impress, influence, move, reach, strike, sway, tell (on), affectWords Related to touch carry away, dazzle, enrapture, entrance, enthrall (or enthral), ravish, transport; bias, color; inspire, stir; engage, interest, involve, penetrate, pierce; afflict, agitate, bother, concern, discomfort, discompose, disquiet, distress, disturb, fluster, harass, harry, perturb, pester, plague, smite, strain, stress, trouble, try, upset, worry, wring; allure, attract, bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, fascinateNear Antonyms of touch bore, jade, pall, tire, weary; underwhelm

  3. 3 to affect slightly with something morally bad or undesirable unfortunately, his insufferable arrogance tends to touch even the good deeds that he does Synonyms of touch blemish, darken, mar, poison, spoil, stain, tarnish, taint, vitiateWords Related to touch begrime, besmear, besmirch, blacken, blur, cloud, dirty, discolor, pollute, smear, smirch, smudge, smut, soil, sully, tar; abase, cheapen, debase, degrade, demean, discredit, disgrace, dishonor, foul, lower, shame, sink; bastardize, corrupt, debauch, demoralize, deprave, pervert, subvert; color, distort, twistNear Antonyms of touch cleanse, purify; dignify, elevate, ennoble, enshrine, glorify, hallow, magnify, uplift

  4. 4 to be adjacent to our property touches theirs right where that big elm tree is Synonyms of touch abut, border (on), butt (on or against), flank, fringe, join, march (with), neighbor, skirt, adjoin, verge (on)Words Related to touch attach (to), communicate (with), connect (with), link (with); bound, embrace, encircle, enclose (also inclose), fence, line, margin, rim, surround; contact, converge, meet

  5. 5 to be the business or affair of I don't think this decision touches you, so butt out Synonyms of touch affect, involve, concernWords Related to touch appertain (to), apply (to), bear (on), pertain (to), refer (to), relate (to); embroil, ensnare, entangle, implicate

Synonym Discussion of touch

affect, influence, touch, impress, strike, sway mean to produce or have an effect upon. affect implies the action of a stimulus that can produce a response or reaction.
    • the sight affected her to tears
influence implies a force that brings about a change (as in nature or behavior).
    • our beliefs are influenced by our upbringing
touch may carry a vivid suggestion of close contact and may connote stirring, arousing, or harming.
    • plants touched by frost
    • his emotions were touched by her distress
impress stresses the depth and persistence of the effect.
    • only one of the plans impressed him
strike, similar to but weaker than impress, may convey the notion of sudden sharp perception or appreciation.
    • struck by the solemnity of the occasion
sway implies the acting of influences that are not resisted or are irresistible, with resulting change in character or course of action.
    • politicians who are swayed by popular opinion

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