Synonyms and Antonyms of breath

  1. 1 a momentary halt in an activity let's all take a breath before continuing this discussion Synonyms break, pause, breather, interruption, lull, recessRelated Words time-out; interim, interlude, intermission, interval, respite, rest; cessation, discontinuance, downtime, ending, expiration, finishing, hitch, lapse, stoppage, stopping, termination; abeyance, moratorium, surcease, suspension; discontinuity, gap, hiatusNear Antonyms continuation, endurance, persistence, progress, progression; extension, prolongation

  2. 2 a slight or gentle movement of air a sweet breath caressed her cheek as she sat in the garden Synonyms air, breeze, puff, waft, zephyrRelated Words current, draft, whiff; sea breeze; blast, blow, flurry, gale, headwind, northeaster, norther, northwester, southeaster, southwester, tailwind, westerly, wind; squall, tempest, tornado, windstorm; airflowNear Antonyms calm

  3. 3 an almost imperceptible sign of something the mornings are already getting warmer, and there is a breath of spring in the air Synonyms hint, flicker, glimmer, suggestion, tang, touch, trace, whiffRelated Words inkling, intimation, scent, wind; evidence, indication, mark, signNear Antonyms permeation, pervasion, saturation

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