Synonyms and Antonyms of tang

  1. 1 an almost imperceptible sign of something the young author's novel is surprisingly earnest, tackling its subject without the slightest tang of irony Synonyms breath, flicker, glimmer, suggestion, hint, touch, trace, whiffRelated Words inkling, intimation, scent, wind; evidence, indication, mark, signNear Antonyms permeation, pervasion, saturation

  2. 2 the quality or state of being stimulating to the mind or senses there's a real tang to her poetry—it's not all sweetness and light Synonyms nip, pungency, spice, piquancy, zest, zingRelated Words raciness, spiciness; fieriness, hotness; acuteness, keenness, sharpness; provocativeness; excitement, invigoration, stimulant, stimulation, stimulus, thrill; bitterness, mordance, trenchancy; flavor, redolence, savor (also savour), savoriness, tastinessNear Antonyms flatness, tastelessness; dullness (also dulness), insipidity, monotonousness, monotony, platitude, predictability, sameness, tediousness; blandness, thinness, weaknessAntonyms insipidity

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