Synonyms and Antonyms of expiration

  1. 1 the act of ceasing to exist directed that upon her expiration her splendid Italian-style villa be given to the public as a museum Synonyms demise, death, expiry, terminationRelated Words dispersion, dissolution; cessation, close, conclusion, decease, discontinuance, doom, end, ending, finish, halt, lapse, passing, quietus, shutdown, shutoff, stop, stoppage, surcease; suicide; annihilation, destruction, ruinNear Antonyms existence, persistence, prolongation; inauguration, initiation, institution, originationAntonyms alpha, beginning, birth, commencement, creation, dawn, genesis, inception, incipience, incipiency, launch, morning, onset, outset, start

  2. 2 the stopping of a process or activity with the expiration of all brain activity there was no point in keeping the patient alive Synonyms arrest, arrestment, cease, cessation, check, close, closedown, closure, conclusion, cutoff, discontinuance, discontinuation, ending, end, finish, halt, lapse, offset, shutdown, shutoff, stay, stop, stoppage, surcease, terminationRelated Words mop-up, phaseout; abeyance, break, interruption, layoff, letup, moratorium, pause, standstill, suspensionNear Antonyms extension, persistence, prolongationAntonyms continuance, continuation

  3. 3 the permanent stopping of all the vital bodily activities the cancer patient passed away sometime during the night, the exact moment of her expiration not being known Synonyms curtains, decease, demise, dissolution, doom, end, exit, death, expiry, fate, grave, great divide, passage, passing, quietus, sleepRelated Words casualty, fatality; martyrdom, self-destruction, self-murder, self-slaughter, suicide; annihilation, destruction, ending, extermination, ruin; assassination, execution, killing, massacre, slaughterNear Antonyms existence, life; creation, genesis, origination, riseAntonyms birth, nativity

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