Synonyms and Antonyms of continuance

  1. 1 the period during which something exists, lasts, or is in progress the feud between the two families was bitter and of long continuance Synonyms duration, date, life, life span, lifetime, run, standing, timeRelated Words spell, stretch; span, tenure, term; hitch, tour, turn; half-life; age, longevity

  2. 2 uninterrupted or lasting existence the continuance of hunger in the world despite some valiant efforts to solve the problem Synonyms abidance, ceaselessness, continuation, continuity, continuousness, durability, duration, endurance, persistence, subsistenceRelated Words drawing out, elongation, extension, lengthening, prolongation, prolonging, stretching; enduringness, permanence; survivalNear Antonyms abridgment (or abridgement), curtailment, cutback, shorteningAntonyms cessation, close, discontinuance, discontinuity, end, ending, expiration, finish, stoppage, surcease, termination

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