Synonyms and Antonyms of spell

  1. 1 to cast a spell on it was as if he had spelled the public into believing his ridiculous claims Synonyms charm, enchant, ensorcell (or ensorcel), hex, overlook, bewitch, strikeRelated Words curse, jinx, possess, voodoo; attract, beguile, captivate, fascinate, mesmerize, spellbind; entice, lure, seduce, temptNear Antonyms bless

  2. 2 to communicate or convey (as an idea) to the mind that summertime combination of hot temperatures and equally hot tempers can spell trouble Synonyms denote, express, import, intend, signify, meanRelated Words connote, imply, suggest; add up (to), amount (to); hint, infer, insinuate, intimate; embody, epitomize, personify, represent, symbol, symbolize; advert, allude (to), cite, instance, mention, refer (to), specify, touch (on or upon); designate, indicate, point (to), signal; announce, declare, proclaim; elucidate, explain



Synonyms and Antonyms of spell

  1. 1 a spoken word or set of words believed to have magic power the witch cast a spell that turned the prince into a toad Synonyms abracadabra, bewitchment, charm, conjuration, enchantment, glamour (also glamor), hex, incantation, invocation, whammy Related Words cantrip [chiefly Scottish], curse, jinx; bewitchery, conjuring, magic, mojo, necromancy, sorcery, voodoo, voodooism, witchcraft, witchery, wizardry; amulet, charm, fetish (also fetich), phylactery, talisman

  2. 2 a sudden experiencing of a physical or mental disorder a dizzy spell that caused me to fall Synonyms access, bout, case, fit, seizure, siege, attack, turnRelated Words recurrence, relapse; brainstorm, convulsion, eclampsia, pang, paroxysm, spasm, throe; agitation, frenzy; breakdown, collapse, prostrationNear Antonyms arrest, relief, remission

  3. 3 an indefinite but usually short period of time come rest a spell Synonyms bit, space, while, stretchRelated Words lapse; season, span; day, epoch, era; beat, eyeblink, flash, heartbeat, instant, jiff, jiffy, minute, moment, nanosecond, New York minute, second, shake, split second, spurt, trice, twinkle, twinkling, wink; aeon (or eon), age, eternity, infinity, perpetuity; interim, interlude, intermission, interval

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