Synonyms and Antonyms of epitomize

  1. 1 to make into a short statement of the main points (as of a report) his personal code of behavior on the playing field is epitomized by his favorite saying, “Nice guys finish last” Synonyms abstract, boil down, brief, digest, encapsulate, summarize, outline, recap, recapitulate, reprise, sum up, synopsize, wrap upRelated Words abridge, condense, curtail, cut back, shorten; downsize, shrink; concentrate, consolidate; decoct, essentialize; simplify, streamlineNear Antonyms elongate, extend, lengthen, prolong, protract; amplify, elaborate (on or upon), enlarge (on or upon), expand, supplement

  2. 2 to represent in visible form the Parthenon in Athens epitomizes the ancient Greek ideal of architectural beauty Synonyms body, embody, express, externalize, incarnate, incorporate, instantiate, manifest, materialize, personalize, personify, substantiateRelated Words actualize, concretize, realize; exemplify, illustrate, image, objectify, symbolize, typifyAntonyms disembody

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contemplative of or relative to the past

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