Synonyms and Antonyms of condense

  1. 1 to become smaller in size or volume through the drawing together of particles of matter over time the once-fluffy material in the pillow had condensed into a lumpy wad Synonyms of condense compress, contract, constrict, shrinkWords Related to condense collapse, deflate, flatten; dry up, shrivel, wilt, wither; abate, decrease, diminish, dwindle, lessen; recede, retreat, withdrawNear Antonyms of condense accumulate, grow, increase; balloon, inflate, puff (up)Antonyms of condense balloon, expand, snowball, swell

  2. 2 to reduce in size or volume by or as if by pressing parts or members together condense the information into as brief a report as possible Synonyms of condense capsule, capsulize, collapse, compact, compress, constrict, constringe, contract, narrow (down), squeeze, telescopeWords Related to condense cram, crowd, jam, jam-pack, pack; abbreviate, abridge, curtail, shorten; boil down, downsize, shrink; concentrate, consolidate; simplify, streamline; decrease, diminish, lessenNear Antonyms of condense dilate, disperse, dissipate, scatter; distend, inflate, swellAntonyms of condense decompress, expand, open, outspread, outstretch

  3. 3 to increase the amount of (a substance in a mixture) by removing other substances added condensed milk to the mix Synonyms of condense concentrateWords Related to condense clarify, clean, cleanse, distill (also distil), flush, leach, purge, purify, refine; boil down, decoct, reduce; compact, harden, solidify; deepen, enhance, heighten, intensify; evaporate, extract, remove; enrich, fortify, richen, strengthen; reconcentrate, recondenseNear Antonyms of condense adulterate, cut, thin, weakenAntonyms of condense dilute, water (down)

Synonym Discussion of condense

contract, shrink, condense, compress, constrict, deflate mean to decrease in bulk or volume. contract applies to a drawing together of surfaces or particles or a reduction of area or length.
    • caused her muscles to contract
shrink implies a contracting or a loss of material and stresses a falling short of original dimensions.
    • the sweater will shrink when washed
condense implies a reducing of something homogeneous to greater compactness without significant loss of content.
    • condense the essay into a paragraph
compress implies a pressing into a small compass and definite shape usually against resistance.
    • compressed cotton into bales
constrict implies a tightening that reduces diameter.
    • the throat is constricted by a tight collar
deflate implies a contracting by reducing the internal pressure of contained air or gas.
    • deflate the balloon

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