Synonyms and Antonyms of wilt

  1. 1 to be limp from lack of water or vigor <the plants wilted after I forgot to water them for three whole days> Synonyms flag, hang, loll, sag, swag, droopRelated Words slouch, slump; cave (in), collapse, crumple, drop, fall, sink, subside, yieldNear Antonyms distend, stiffen; rise, straighten, unbend, uncurl

  2. 2 to lose bodily strength or vigor <she had wilted a bit after walking around the hot and humid city> Synonyms decay, droop, emaciate, fade, fail, flag, go, lag, languish, sag, sink, waste (away), weaken, witherRelated Words break down, wear out; yield; degenerate, deteriorate, rot, run downNear Antonyms convalesce, rally, rebound, recover, recuperate; gain

  3. 3 to lose liveliness, force, or freshness <after six solid hours of painting, his energy was starting to wilt> Synonyms dry, witherRelated Words mummify, shrivel, wizen; decline, fade, wane; decrease, diminish, lessenNear Antonyms freshen, revive; bloom, flourish, prosper, thrive; develop, grow, increase, wax; crest, peak, surge

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