Synonyms and Antonyms of decline

  1. 1 a gradual sinking and wasting away of mind or body her sad decline from a robust athlete to an old woman with arthritis Synonyms of decline debilitation, decay, decaying, declension, degeneration, descent, deterioration, ebbing, enfeeblement, weakening Words Related to decline atrophy; exhaustion; drooping, flagging, limping; regression, relapse, setback Near Antonyms of decline invigoration, strengthening; progress; rejuvenation, rejuvenescence Antonyms of decline comeback, improvement, rally, recovery, recuperation, rehabilitation, revitalization, snapback

  2. 2 a change to a lower state or level the decline of the Roman Empire Synonyms of decline decadence, declension, declination, degeneracy, degeneration, degradation, dégringolade, descent, deterioration, devolution, downfall, downgrade, ebb, eclipse, fall Words Related to decline dark age, nadir, sunset; decay, rotting, spoiling; breakup, crumbling, decomposition, disintegration, dissolution; abasement, debasement; depreciation, lessening; decimation, demolishment, demolition, desolation, destruction, havoc, ruin, ruination; abatement, decrease, decrement, de-escalation, deflation, diminishment, diminution, dip, downslide, downtrend, downturn, drop, drop-off, falloff, loss, lowering, reduction, sag, shrinkage, slip, slump Near Antonyms of decline advancement, development, evolution, growth; blossoming, flourishing, flowering; renewal, restoration, revitalization; heightening; accretion, accrual, addendum, addition, augmentation, boost, enhancement, gain, increase, increment, raise, supplement Antonyms of decline ascent, rise, upswing

  3. 3 a downward slope the bicyclist lost control on the unexpectedly steep decline Synonyms of decline declension, declivity, descent, dip, downgrade, downhill, fall, hang, hanging Words Related to decline basin, depression, hollow Near Antonyms of decline glacis, grade, gradient, hill, inclination, incline, lean, pitch, rake, tilt Antonyms of decline acclivity, ascent, rise, upgrade, uphill, uprise

  4. 4 a loss of status the engagement at the small club was an unmistakable sign of the rock band's decline Synonyms of decline comedown, dégringolade, demise, descent, down, downfall, fall, flameout, GötterdämmerungWords Related to decline breakdown, burnout, collapse, crash, meltdown, ruin, undoing; defeat, disappointment, reversal, setback; bottom, nadir; abasement, disgrace, humiliationNear Antonyms of decline advance, headway, progress; flower, heyday, primeAntonyms of decline aggrandizement, ascent, exaltation, rise, up

  5. 5 the amount by which something is lessened a huge decline in the value of the artwork after its authenticity was questioned Synonyms of decline abatement, decrease, decrement, dent, depletion, depression, diminishment, diminution, drop, drop-off, fall, falloff, loss, reduction, shrinkage, step-downWords Related to decline deduction, subtraction; downturn, slip, slump; curtailment, cut, cutback, retrenchment, shorteningNear Antonyms of decline accretion, accrual, accumulation, addition, supplement; continuation, extension; upswing, uptrend, upturnAntonyms of decline boost, enlargement, gain, increase, increment, raise, rise, step-up, uptick



Synonyms and Antonyms of decline

  1. 1 to show unwillingness to accept, do, engage in, or agree to he declined the invitation to the party she declined to participate in the soccer game Synonyms of decline balk (at), deselect, disapprove, negative, nix, pass, pass up, refuse, reject, reprobate, repudiate, spurn, throw out, throw over, turn down Words Related to decline blow off, disdain, rebuff, scorn, scout, shoot down; overrule, veto; forbid, prohibit, proscribe; dismiss, ignore; abstain (from), forbear, refrain (from); deny, disavow, disclaim, dispute, gainsay; stick; abjure, forswear (also foreswear), recant, renounce, retract, take back, unsay, withdraw; avoid, bypass, detour; contradict, deny, disown, negate; controvert, disagree (with), disprove, dispute, rebut, refute; back down, back off, backtrack; disallow, recall, renege, revoke Phrases turn one's back on Near Antonyms of decline condone, countenance, swallow, tolerate; adopt, embrace, receive, take, welcome; accede, acquiesce, agree, assent, consent; choose, handpick, select; espouse, support Antonyms of decline accept, agree (to), approve

  2. 2 to be unwilling to grant declined our request to hold a party Synonyms of decline deny, disallow, disapprove, negative, nix, refuse, reject, reprobate, withholdWords Related to decline ban, enjoin, forbid, prohibit, proscribe, veto; rebuff, repel, spurn; check, constrain, curb, hold, keep, repress, restrain, restrict; balk (at), hinder, impede, obstructNear Antonyms of decline afford, furnish, give, provide, supply; authorize, commission, license (also licence); accede (to), acquiesce, agree (to), assent (to), consent (to), warrant; accord, sanction, vouchsafeAntonyms of decline allow, concede, grant, let, OK (or okay), permit

  3. 3 to go to a lower level especially abruptly new-car sales declined to their lowest level in years Synonyms of decline crash, crater, drop, descend, dip, dive, fall, lower, nose-dive, plummet, plunge, sink, skid, tumbleWords Related to decline abate, decrease, de-escalate, die (down), diminish, droop, dwindle, ebb, lessen, let up, moderate, subside, taper off, wane; recede, retreatNear Antonyms of decline accumulate, balloon, build, burgeon (also bourgeon), enlarge, escalate, expand, grow, increase, intensify, mushroom, pick up, snowball, swell, waxAntonyms of decline arise, ascend, lift, mount, rise, soar, spike, up

  4. 4 to become worse or of less value his reputation as a writer began to decline not long after his death Synonyms of decline atrophy, crumble, decay, deteriorate, degenerate, descend, devolve, ebb, regress, retrograde, rot, sink, worsenWords Related to decline abate, de-escalate, diminish, downsize, dwindle, recede, wane; break down, corrupt, decompose, degrade, dilapidate, disintegrate, molder, putrefy; sour, spoil; lessen, lower, reduce; debilitate, undermine; droop, fail, fall, flag, lag, languish, run down, sag, slip, waste (away), weaken, wiltNear Antonyms of decline better, upgrade; enhance, enrich, fortify, heighten, intensify, strengthen; advance, develop, march, proceed, progressAntonyms of decline ameliorate, improve, meliorate

  5. 5 to grow less in scope or intensity especially gradually the winds should decline as soon as the cold front passes Synonyms of decline abate, decrease, de-escalate, die (away or down or out), diminish, drain (away), drop (off), dwindle, ease, ebb, fall, fall away, lessen, let up, lower, moderate, pall, phase down, ratchet (down) also rachet (down), recede, relent, remit, shrink, subside, taper, taper off, waneWords Related to decline compress, condense, constrict, contract; evaporate, fade (away), fritter (away), give out, melt (away), peter (out), tail (off), vanish; slacken, slow (down); alleviate, relax; flag, sink, weaken; cave (in), collapse, deflateNear Antonyms of decline appear, emerge, show up; blow up, distend, elongate, lengthenAntonyms of decline accumulate, balloon, build, burgeon (also bourgeon), enlarge, escalate, expand, grow, increase, intensify, mount, mushroom, pick up, rise, snowball, soar, swell, wax

  6. 6 to lead or extend downward the bike path declines toward the riverbank and then follows the river for several miles Synonyms of decline descend, dip, drop, fall, plunge, sinkWords Related to decline angle, cant, cock, heel, incline, lean, list, recline, slant, slope, tilt, tipNear Antonyms of decline even, flatten, level, plane, smooth, straightenAntonyms of decline arise, ascend, climb, mount, rise, uprise, upsweep, upturn

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