Synonyms and Antonyms of reduction

  1. 1 something that is or may be subtracted there was a sizable reduction in her weekly pay when she decided to buy health insurance Synonyms abatement, discount, deductionRelated Words giveback, kickback, rebate; dent, depreciation; decline, decrement, diminishment, diminution, drop, fall, loss; forfeit, forfeiture, penaltyNear Antonyms accretion, accrual, augmentation, boost, gain, increase, increment, raise, rise; appreciationAntonyms accession, addition

  2. 2 the amount by which something is lessened saw an 11% reduction in the number of students applying to the school Synonyms abatement, decline, decrement, dent, depletion, depression, diminishment, diminution, drop, drop-off, fall, falloff, loss, decrease, shrinkage, step-downRelated Words deduction, subtraction; downturn, slip, slump; curtailment, cut, cutback, retrenchment, shorteningNear Antonyms accretion, accrual, accumulation, addition, supplement; continuation, extension; upswing, uptrend, upturnAntonyms boost, enlargement, gain, increase, increment, raise, rise, step-up, uptick

  3. 3 the act or an instance of bringing to a lower grade or rank the captain was punished with a reduction to lieutenant Synonyms demotion, bumpRelated Words disrating, downgrade; dismissal, firing, layoff, sacking; abasement, debasement, humiliation

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