Synonyms and Antonyms of weaken

  1. 1 to diminish the physical strength of weeks of hardship in the desert had greatly weakened them Synonyms of weaken debilitate, devitalize, enervate, enfeeble, etiolate, prostrate, sap, soften, tire, waste Words Related to weaken cripple, disable, hamstring, incapacitate; deplete, depress, exhaust, impoverish, unman, wash out; damage, harm, hurt, impair, injure, invalid, lay up; break down, grind (down), wear down, wear out; paralyze Near Antonyms of weaken energize, invigorate, recruit, rejuvenate, vitalize; harden, season, toughen Antonyms of weaken beef (up), fortify, strengthen

  2. 2 to lose bodily strength or vigor the bodybuilder weakened once she eased off on her workouts Synonyms of weaken decay, droop, emaciate, fade, fail, flag, go, lag, languish, sag, sink, waste (away), wilt, wither Words Related to weaken break down, wear out; yield; degenerate, deteriorate, rot, run down Near Antonyms of weaken convalesce, rally, rebound, recover, recuperate; gain

  3. 3 to alter (something) for the worse with the addition of foreign or lower-grade substances weakened the juice with too much water Synonyms of weaken cut, dilute, extend, lace, sophisticate, thin, water down, adulterateWords Related to weaken load; befoul, contaminate, corrupt, defile, dirty, envenom, foul, infect, poison, pollute, soil, spoil, sully, taint; cheapen, debase, degrade; manipulate, misrepresent, tamper (with); counterfeit, fake, falsify, fudge; doctor, spike; attenuate, moderate, qualify, temperNear Antonyms of weaken fertilize, lard; augment, reinforce (also reenforce), supplement; decontaminate, purify; clarify, clean, cleanse, distill (also distil), filter, flush, leach, pasteurize, purge, refine; better, enhance, improve; compact, concentrate, condenseAntonyms of weaken enrich, fortify, richen, strengthen

Synonym Discussion of weaken

weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, undermine, sap, cripple, disable mean to lose or cause to lose strength or vigor. weaken may imply loss of physical strength, health, soundness, or stability or of quality, intensity, or effective power.
    • a disease that weakens the body's defenses
enfeeble implies a condition of marked weakness and helplessness.
    • enfeebled by starvation
debilitate suggests a less marked or more temporary impairment of strength or vitality.
    • the debilitating effects of surgery
undermine and sap suggest a weakening by something working surreptitiously and insidiously.
    • a poor diet undermines your health
    • drugs had sapped his ability to think
cripple implies causing a serious loss of functioning power through damaging or removing an essential part or element.
    • crippled by arthritis
disable suggests bringing about impairment or limitation in a physical or mental ability.
    • disabled by an injury sustained at work

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