Synonyms and Antonyms of go

  1. being in a state of fitness for some experience or action all systems are go Synonyms of go fit, ready, prepared, setWords Related to go conditioned, primed, ripe; armed, braced, fortified, steeled; qualified, trainedNear Antonyms of go unqualified, untrainedAntonyms of go flat-footed, half-baked, half-cocked, underprepared, unprepared, unready



Synonyms and Antonyms of go

  1. 1 a practice or interest that is very popular for a short time snowboarding is all the go Synonyms of go buzz, chic, craze, dernier cri, enthusiasm, fashion, flavor, fad, hot ticket, last word, latest, mode, rage, sensation, style, ton, trend, vogueWords Related to go nine days' wonder (also nine day wonder); new wave; crush, infatuation; fervor, passion; furor, fuss, hullabaloo, to-do, uproar; bandwagon, crusade, cult, movement; novelty, wrinkle; caprice, fancy, whimNear Antonyms of go classic, standard

  2. 2 active strength of body or mind a healthy six-year-old full of go Synonyms of go beans, bounce, brio, dash, drive, dynamism, energy, esprit, gas, get-up-and-go, ginger, vigor, gusto, hardihood, juice, life, moxie, oomph, pep, punch, sap, snap, starch, verve, vim, vinegar, vitality, zing, zipWords Related to go animal spirits, animation, briskness, jauntiness, liveliness, snappiness, spirit, spiritedness, sprightliness, spunk, spunkiness, vibrance, vibrancy, vivaciousness, vivacity; ardor, élan, fervor, fire, passion, zeal; main, metal, mettle, might, muscle, potency, power, puissance, stamina, strength; brawniness, fitness, hardiness, huskiness, sturdiness, virility; health, healthiness, soundness, verdure, wellnessNear Antonyms of go indolence, laziness; debilitation, debility, delicacy, disablement, enfeeblement, faintness, feebleness, frailness, frailty, impotence, impotency, infirmity, powerlessness, puniness, slightness, softness, tenderness, weakness; enervation, exhaustion, inanition, prostrationAntonyms of go lethargy, listlessness, sluggishness, torpidity

  3. 3 an effort to do or accomplish something it took several goes to get the car started Synonyms of go assay [archaic], bash [chiefly British], bid, crack, endeavor, essay, fling, attempt, offer, pass, shot, stab, trial, try, whack, whirlWords Related to go striving, struggle, throes, undertaking; trial and error

  4. 4 readiness to engage in daring or difficult activity a young executive with the go to make this company grow Synonyms of go action, aggressiveness, ambition, drive, enterprise, hustle, initiativeWords Related to go grit, gumption, pluck, snap, spirit, spunk, starch; ambitiousness, killer instinct, overambitiousness; assertiveness, self-reliance; energy, hardihood, pep, vigor, vitalityNear Antonyms of go inactivity, inertia, passivity; diffidence, faintheartedness, timidity; hesitation, reluctance; indolence, laziness, lethargy



Synonyms and Antonyms of go

  1. 1 to move forward along a course everything is going according to our plans Synonyms of go advance, come, come along, do, fare, forge, get along, get on, go along, go off, march, pace, proceed, progress Words Related to go accelerate, fast-forward, speed; approach, near; journey, pass, repair, run, travel, wend; actuate, drive, impel, propel, push; take out Phrases gain ground Near Antonyms of go arrest, balk, block, check, detain, halt, hinder, hold back, impede, nip, obstruct, slow (down or up), stem; repress, retard, stunt, suppress; delay, interrupt, stall; cramp, hamper, inhibit; cease, let up, pause; regress; wait Antonyms of go remain, stand, stay, stop

  2. 2 to leave a place often for another will go on vacation at the end of the year decided it would be better to go before she got any angrier Synonyms of go bail, bail out, begone, book [slang], bugger off [British slang], bug off, bug out, buzz (off), clear off [chiefly British], clear out, cut out, depart, dig out, exit, get, get off, go off, move, pack (up or off), part, peel off, pike (out or off), pull out, push off, push on, quit, run along, sally (forth), scarper [British], shove (off), step (along), take off, vamoose, walk out Words Related to go set out, start, strike out; abscond, decamp, escape, evacuate, flee, fly, get out, mizzle [chiefly British], run away, scat, scram, skip; go out, light out, step out; abandon, desert, forsake, vacate; emigrate; adjourn, remove, retire, retreat, withdraw Phrases beat it, hit the road, pull stakes (or pull up stakes), take a hike (also take a walk), take a powder Near Antonyms of go abide, dwell, lodge, remain, settle, stay, tarry; approach, close, near; hit, land, reach Antonyms of go arrive, come, show up, turn up

  3. 3 to be fitting or proper at Mardi Gras, just about anything goes Synonyms of go befit, beseem [archaic], fit [archaic], do, serve, suitWords Related to go satisfy, suffice; function, work

  4. 4 to be in agreement on every point your account of how the fire started doesn't go with what she said Synonyms of go accord, agree, answer, chord, cohere, coincide, comport, conform, consist, correspond, dovetail, fit, check, harmonize, jibe, rhyme (also rime), sort, square, tallyWords Related to go equal, match, parallel; align (also aline), line up, registerNear Antonyms of go contradict, dispute, gainsay; negate, nullify; clash, conflict, jarAntonyms of go differ (from), disagree (with)

  5. 5 to be positioned along a certain course or in a certain direction the highway goes right along the river Synonyms of go bear, extend, run, head, lead, lieWords Related to go cross, cut, pass; course, follow, span, traverse

  6. 6 to eventually have as a state or quality she goes crazy on the dance floor when they start playing 1980s pop the room went dark Synonyms of go come, get, become, grow, run, turn, waxWords Related to go alter, change, metamorphose, modify, mutate, transfigure, transform, transmuteNear Antonyms of go abide, be, continue, linger, remain, stay

  7. 7 to fall down or in as a result of physical pressure watched the building go after the demolition crew detonated the charges Synonyms of go buckle, cave (in), crumple, founder, give, collapse, go out, implode, tumble, yieldWords Related to go deflate, flatten, melt, melt down; break, break down, conk (out), crash, die, fail, give out, stall; burst, shatter, smash, splinter, split; crack, crumble, pop, snapNear Antonyms of go inflate, rise, swell

  8. 8 to have or be in a usual or proper place these plates go in this cabinet Synonyms of go belongWords Related to go place, stay; fit (in)

  9. 9 to lose bodily strength or vigor when you get old, your eyesight starts to go Synonyms of go decay, droop, emaciate, fade, fail, flag, weaken, lag, languish, sag, sink, waste (away), wilt, witherWords Related to go break down, wear out; yield; degenerate, deteriorate, rot, run downNear Antonyms of go convalesce, rally, rebound, recover, recuperate; gain

  10. 10 to make one's way through, across, or over I went the length of the street before finding an empty parking space Synonyms of go course, cover, cross, cut (across), follow, traverse, navigate, pass (over), perambulate, peregrinate, proceed (along), track, transit, travelWords Related to go hike, traipse, tramp, tread, walk; ride, run; crisscross

  11. 11 to occur within a continuous range of variation selling prices for houses in that neighborhood generally go between one and two million Synonyms of go run, range, varyWords Related to go alternate, fluctuate, move, shift; change, mutate; extend, reach, stretch, sweep

  12. 12 to risk (something) on the outcome of an uncertain event to play in this game of poker, you have to be willing to go at least five dollars per round Synonyms of go gamble, bet, lay, play, put, stake, wagerWords Related to go bid, offer; adventure, chance, hazard, speculate, venture; endanger, imperil, jeopardize

  13. 13 chiefly Southern & Midland  to have in mind as a purpose or goal I didn't go to fire the gun—it just went off Synonyms of go aim, allow [chiefly Southern & Midland], aspire, calculate, contemplate, design, intend [chiefly Southern & Midland], look, mean, meditate, plan, propose, purport, purposeWords Related to go dream, hope, wish; consider, debate, mull (over), ponder; attempt, endeavor, strive, struggle, try; plot, scheme; accomplish, achieve, effect, execute, perform

  14. 14 to come to an end we were having so much fun that the evening just came and went Synonyms of go break off, break up, close, conclude, dead-end, determine, die, discontinue, elapse, end, expire, finish, cease, halt, lapse, leave off, let up, pass, quit, stop, terminate, wind up, wink (out)Words Related to go desist (from), lay off (of), refrain (from); give over [British], knock off, pack (up or in); break down, conk (out), cut out, stall; pause, stay, suspend; abate, peter (out), wind downNear Antonyms of go draw out, extend, prolong, protractAntonyms of go continue, hang on, persist

  15. 15 to have enough money for I think I can go for the new car after all Synonyms of go afford, swingWords Related to go cover; expend, finance, outlay, pay (for), pony up, spring (for); pick up, purchase, take; acquire, get, obtain, procure, secure; bid, offer; bankroll, endow, subsidize, underwrite

  16. 16 to put up with (something painful or difficult) I can't go the smell of that rotting food for one more minute Synonyms of go abide, absorb, accept, bide [chiefly dialect], brook, countenance, endure, bear, hack, handle, meet, pocket, stand, stick out, stomach, support, sustain, sweat out, take, tolerate, wear [British]Words Related to go allow, permit, suffer, swallow; reconcile (to); acquiesce, agree (with or to), assent (to), capitulate, consent (to), respect, submit (to), yield (to)Near Antonyms of go decline, dismiss, refuse, reject, repudiate, spurn, turn down; combat, contest, fight, oppose, resist; avoid, bypass, circumvent, dodge, elude, escape, evade, miss; abstain (from), forbear, refrain (from)

  17. 17 to stop living her grandmother went peacefully last night Synonyms of go check out, conk (out), croak [slang], decease, demise, depart, drop, end, exit, expire, fall, flatline, die, kick in [slang], kick off [slang], pass (on), pass away, part, peg out [chiefly British], perish, pop off, step out, succumbWords Related to go predecease; consume, disappear, dry up, fade, failNear Antonyms of go come to, revive; linger; be, exist, subsist; flourish, prosper, thriveAntonyms of go breathe, live

  18. 18 to turn out as planned or desired we tried very hard to get the food cooperative to go, but it never really worked out Synonyms of go click, come off, deliver, succeed, go over, pan out, work outWords Related to go catch on; flourish, prosper, thrive; cook, percolateNear Antonyms of go languish; flounder, struggle; decline, sink, skid, slip, slump, wane; crash, crater, crumble, flame out; choke, crack up, miscarry, misfire; fall down, go under; implode, self-destructAntonyms of go bomb, collapse, fail, flop, flunk, fold, founder, miss, strike out, wash out

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