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  1. 1 a directed propelling of a missile by a firearm or artillery piece cannon operators often had to use several shots to figure out the range of their targets Synonyms blasting, discharge, firing Related Words potshot; barrage, blitz, blitzkrieg, bombardment, broadside, burst, cannonade, drumfire, fusillade, hail, salvo, shower, storm, volley

  2. 2 an effort to do or accomplish something let's take another shot at the puzzle Synonyms assay [archaic], bash [chiefly British], bid, crack, endeavor, essay, fling, go, offer, pass, attempt, stab, trial, try, whack, whirlRelated Words striving, struggle, throes, undertaking; trial and error

  3. 3 a picture created from an image recorded on a light-sensitive surface by a camera took a shot of his family for the scrapbook Synonyms photo, pic, print, photograph, snap, snapshotRelated Words blowup, close-up, enlargement, still; telephoto; daguerreotype, ferrotype, monochrome, sepia, tintype

  4. 4 a person skilled in shooting at a target a soldier who's an excellent shot with a rifle Synonyms sharpshooter, shooter, marksmanRelated Words sniper; rifleman; trapshooter; gun, gunman, gunner; markswoman

  5. 5 the portion of a serving of a beverage that is swallowed at one time drank a shot of whisky Synonyms belt, draft, drag, gulp, nip, quaff, drink, sip, slug, snort, sup, swallow, swig, swillRelated Words dram, drop

  6. 6 an opinion or judgment based on little or no evidence I have no idea what's different about you, but I'll take a shot: you cut your hair? Synonyms guess, conjecture, supposition, surmiseRelated Words hypothesis, hypothetical, theory, thesis; dead reckoning, guessing, guesswork, speculation; hunch, intuition; belief, faith

  7. 7 a favorable combination of circumstances, time, and place we have a real shot at getting into the championship if we win this next match Synonyms break, chance, occasion, opening, room, opportunityRelated Words play, way; juncture, pass

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to criticize severely

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