Synonyms and Antonyms of run

  1. 1 a prevailing or general movement or inclination the company's stock has remained consistent with the overall run of the market Synonyms current, direction, drift, leaning, trend, tendency, tide, windRelated Words curve, downside, shift, swing, turn, turnabout, upside; custom, habit, propensity, tenor, way; countercurrent, countertrend; undercurrent, undertow

  2. 2 chiefly Midland  a natural body of running water smaller than a river a run full of catfish Synonyms beck [British], bourn (or bourne), brook, brooklet, burn [British], gill [British], rill, rivulet, creek [chiefly Midland], runlet, runnel, streamletRelated Words arroyo, billabong [Australian], fresh, freshet, runoff; bayou, coulee, slough (also slew or slue), stream, wash; canal, channel, cut, cutoff, gut, kill, millrace, millstream, race, watercourse, waterway; affluent, branch, confluent, distributary, influent, tributary

  3. 3 the period during which something exists, lasts, or is in progress the actor has been assigned the part for the run of the show Synonyms continuance, date, life, life span, lifetime, duration, standing, timeRelated Words spell, stretch; span, tenure, term; hitch, tour, turn; half-life; age, longevity

  4. 4 the right to act or move freely gave the dogs the run of the place Synonyms authorization, free hand, latitude, license (or licence), freedomRelated Words authority, clutch, command, control, dominion, grip, hold, mandate, mastery, power, sway; range, room, space; blank check, carte blanche

  5. 5 runs pl  abnormally frequent intestinal evacuations with more or less fluid stools with weekend guests in the house, it was no time to get the runs Synonyms Delhi belly, flux, Montezuma's revenge, runs, trots, turistaRelated Words dysentery, shigellosis; scour(s)



Synonyms and Antonyms of run

  1. 1 to go at a pace faster than a walk we ran all the way to the bus stop, but still missed the bus Synonyms dash, gallop, jog, scamper, sprint, trip, trot Related Words bound, canter, leap, lope, shag, skip, spring; barrel, belt, blast, blaze, blow, bolt, bomb [slang], bowl, breeze, bustle, buzz, cannonball, careen, course, foot (it), hare, hasten, hie, hoof (it), hotfoot (it), hump, hurl, hurry, hurtle, hustle, jet, leg (it), pelt, race, ram, rip, rocket, rush, rustle, shoot, speed, tear, whirl, whisk, zip, zoom; nip, patter, scoot, scurry, scuttle, step (along) Near Antonyms amble, saunter, shamble, shuffle, stroll; crawl, creep, dally, dawdle, dillydally, drag, lag, linger, loiter, poke, tarry; lumber, plod, trudge; hobble, limp

  2. 2 to hasten away from something dangerous or frightening rather than run from a black bear, it's better to hold your ground and make lots of noise Synonyms bolt, break, bug out, flee, fly, hightail (it), retreat, run away, run off, skedaddle Related Words abscond, clear out, decamp, elope, escape, get (away), get out, lam, light out, make off, mizzle [chiefly British], scarper [British], scat, scram, skip (out), skirr Phrases beat a retreat, beat it, make tracks, turn tail Near Antonyms beard, brave, confront, dare, defy, face; abide, dwell, hang around, linger, remain, stay, stick around, tarry

  3. 3 to be positioned along a certain course or in a certain direction the road runs along the river for a while Synonyms bear, extend, go, head, lead, lie Related Words cross, cut, pass; course, follow, span, traverse

  4. 4 to occur within a continuous range of variation the electric bill runs between 30 and 50 dollars a month Synonyms go, range, vary Related Words alternate, fluctuate, move, shift; change, mutate; extend, reach, stretch, sweep

  5. 5 to move in a stream water running down the window Synonyms pour, roll, flow, streamRelated Words arise, disembogue, effuse, emanate, issue, spring; course, race, rush; fountain, gush, spout, spurt; deluge, engulf, flood, inundate, overflow, overrun, swamp; cascade, dribble, drip, gutter, riffle, ripple, sheet, trickle; flush, wash outNear Antonyms clot, coagulate, congeal, gel, harden, setAntonyms back up

  6. 6 to proceed or move quickly run and get the nurse Synonyms barrel, belt, blast, blaze, blow, bolt, bomb [slang], bowl, breeze, bundle, bustle, buzz, cannonball, careen, career, chase, course, crack (on), dash, drive, fly, hare, hasten, hie, highball, hotfoot (it), hump, hurl, hurtle, hustle, jet, jump, motor, nip, pelt, race, ram, rip, rocket, hurry, rush, rustle, scoot, scurry, scuttle, shoot, speed, step, tear, travel, trot, whirl, whisk, zip, zoomRelated Words beetle, dart, flit, scamper, scud, scuffle; stampede, streak, whiz (or whizz); gallop, jog, sprint; accelerate, quicken, step out; catch up, fast-forward, outpace, outrun, outstrip, overtake; arrow, beelineNear Antonyms dally, dawdle, dillydally, drag, hang (around or out), lag, linger, loiter, poke, tarry; amble, lumber, plod, saunter, shuffle, stroll; decelerate, slow (down or up)Antonyms crawl, creep, poke

  7. 7 to show a liking or proneness (for something) unfortunately, members of his family run to fatness Synonyms incline, lean, tend, trendRelated Words go, gravitate; indicate, point, suggestNear Antonyms avoid, shun, shy (from or away from)

  8. 8 to urge, push, or force onward they ran the horses hard in order to get to the ranch quickly Synonyms herd, punch, driveRelated Words shepherd; wrangle; egg, exhort, flog, goad, hound, press, prick, prod, prompt, scourge, spur, whip

  9. 9 to control the mechanical operation of I know how to run that machine Synonyms handle, operate, workRelated Words use; maneuver, manipulate, ply, wield; command, control, direct, drive, guide, pilot, steer

  10. 10 to eventually have as a state or quality the poor woman ran herself ragged trying to care for all those children Synonyms come, get, go, grow, become, turn, waxRelated Words alter, change, metamorphose, modify, mutate, transfigure, transform, transmuteNear Antonyms abide, be, continue, linger, remain, stay

  11. 11 to go from a solid to a liquid state her makeup started to run when she got in the pool Synonyms deliquesce, flux, fuse, melt, liquefy, thawRelated Words found, gutter, smelt, try; dissolve, render; soften, thinNear Antonyms clot, coagulate, congeal, gel, jell, jelly, thickenAntonyms harden, set, solidify

  12. 12 to look after and make decisions about learning to run the family business Synonyms administer, administrate, carry on, control, direct, govern, guide, handle, keep, manage, operate, overlook, oversee, preside (over), regulate, conduct, steward, superintend, supervise, tendRelated Words care (for), mind, watch; lead, pilot, steer; guard, protect, safeguard; micromanage, stage-manage; codirect, comanage

  13. 13 to cause to function in olden days mills were run by flowing water Synonyms actuate, crank (up), drive, move, activate, set off, spark, start, touch off, trigger, turn onRelated Words kick over, turn over; charge, electrify, energize, fire, fuel, generate, power, push; discharge, launch, release, switch, trip; reactivate, recharge; arouse, excite, jump-start, kick-start, stimulate, vitalize; ignite, incite, instigate, provoke, quicken, stir up; accelerate, catalyze, speed (up), step upNear Antonyms arrest, brake, check, cut off, draw up, halt, jam, stall, stick, stop; decelerate, repress, slow, stunt, suppressAntonyms cut, cut out, deactivate, kill, shut off, turn off

  14. 14 to have a price of that sort of computer runs at least several hundred dollars Synonyms bring, fetch, go (for), cost, sell (for)Related Words list (for); amount (to), come (to), total; command, exact; ask, demand

  15. 15 to come or be together as friends he's been running with a bad crowd lately Synonyms chum, company, consociate, consort, fraternize, hang (around or out), hobnob, hook up, mess around, pal (around), associate, sort, travelRelated Words affiliate, ally, attach, band, bond, club, collaborate, collude, confederate, conjoin, connect, cooperate, couple, gang, get along, get on, group, interrelate, join, knot, league, link, mingle, mix, rally, relate, side, socialize, team, tie, wed; befriend, friendNear Antonyms avoid, cold-shoulder, shun, snub; alienate, estrange; break up, disband, disperse, split (up); disjoin, dissociate, disunite, divorce, sever, split, sunder

  16. 16 to go after or on the track of if that dog continues to run cars, he's going to get seriously hurt Synonyms bird-dog, chase, course, dog, hound, pursue, follow, shadow, tag, tail, trace, track, trailRelated Words accompany, chaperone (or chaperon), escort; hunt, search (for), seek; eye, observe, watchNear Antonyms headAntonyms guide, lead, pilot

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