Synonyms and Antonyms of jell

  1. 1 to take on a definite form our ideas for the marketing campaign are just beginning to jell Synonyms crystallize (also crystalize), form, shape (up), solidifyRelated Words associate, coalesce, cohere, fuse; combine, conjoin, conjugate, connect, couple, join, link (up), unify, uniteNear Antonyms break down, decay, decompose, disintegrate

  2. 2 to turn from a liquid into a substance resembling jelly the sauce will jell once it cools down Synonyms clot, congeal, gel, gelate, gelatinize, coagulate, jelly, setRelated Words cake, concrete, firm (up), fix, freeze, harden, indurate, solidify, stiffen; condense, thicken; clump, curd, curdle, gum, lump (up)Near Antonyms deliquesce, flux, fuse, liquefy (also liquify), melt, thaw

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