Synonyms and Antonyms of congeal

  1. 1 to become physically firm or solid the surface of the pond congealed after several days of frigid temperatures Synonyms concrete, harden, firm (up), freeze, indurate, set, solidifyRelated Words cake, callus, encrust (also incrust); clot, coagulate, gel, gelate, gelatinize, jell, jelly, stiffen, thicken; calcify, crystallize (also crystalize), ossify, petrify, rigidify; anneal, case-harden, temperNear Antonyms deliquesce, dissolve, flux, fuse, melt, smelt, thaw, unfreezeAntonyms liquefy (also liquify), soften

  2. 2 to turn from a liquid into a substance resembling jelly the gravy had already started to congeal by the time the waiter served our dinners Synonyms clot, coagulate, gel, gelate, gelatinize, jell, jelly, setRelated Words cake, concrete, firm (up), fix, freeze, harden, indurate, solidify, stiffen; condense, thicken; clump, curd, curdle, gum, lump (up)Near Antonyms deliquesce, flux, fuse, liquefy (also liquify), melt, thaw

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