run on


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  1. 1 to engage in casual or rambling conversation we were just running on about how neither of us has aged a bit after all these years Synonyms babble, blab, cackle, chaffer [British], chatter, chin [slang], converse, gab, gabble, gas, jabber, jaw, kibitz (also kibbitz), natter, palaver, patter, prate, prattle, rap, rattle, chat, schmooze (or shmooze), talk, twitter, visitRelated Words gossip, tattle; descant, discuss, expatiate; yak (also yack), yammer, yap

  2. 2 to remain indefinitely in existence or in the same state allow the savings account to run on for now Synonyms abide, bide, endure, hold on, hold up, keep up, last, perdure, persist, remain, continueRelated Words linger, stay, stick around, tarry; carry through, prevail, surviveNear Antonyms abate, die (down), ebb, let up, moderate, subside, waneAntonyms cease, close, conclude, desist, die, discontinue, end, expire, finish, lapse, leave off, pass, quit, stop, terminate, wind up

  3. 3 to talk at length without sticking to a topic or getting to a point she's very sweet, but she does tend to run on Synonyms blather (on), go on, maunder, rattle, rambleRelated Words deviate, digress, stray, wander; sidetrack; blab, blabber, blither, bumble, burble, chat, chatter, drivel, drool, gab, gabble, gibber, jabber, patter, prate, prattle, waffle

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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