Synonyms and Antonyms of ramble

  1. 1 a short trip for pleasure <the couple's weekend rambles up and down the valley in search of interesting antiques> Synonyms jaunt, junket, outing, excursion, sally, sashay, sortie, spinRelated Words journey, travel(s), voyage; circuit, tour; expedition, odyssey, safari; detour; hike, peregrination, trek, walk; pilgrimage

  2. 2 a relaxed journey on foot for exercise or pleasure <our usual practice is to take a ramble around the neighborhood after dinner> Synonyms amble, constitutional, perambulation, walk, range, saunter, stroll, turn, wanderRelated Words parade, paseo, promenade; expedition, hike, march, peregrination, traipse, tramp, travel, traversal, traverse, trek, trip, walkabout; excursion, jaunt, junket, outing, sally, sashay, spin, tour; pilgrimage, progress, safari



Synonyms and Antonyms of ramble

  1. 1 to talk at length without sticking to a topic or getting to a point <the teenagers sat around the pizza parlor, rambling on about dating, homework, movies, and the local football team> Synonyms blather (on), go on, maunder, rattle, run on Related Words deviate, digress, stray, wander; sidetrack; blab, blabber, blither, bumble, burble, chat, chatter, drivel, drool, gab, gabble, gibber, jabber, patter, prate, prattle, waffle Phrases run one's mouth

  2. 2 to move about from place to place aimlessly <by tirelessly rambling around San Francisco for a week we probably saw more of it than many residents ever have> Synonyms bat, cruise, drift, float, gad (about), gallivant (also galavant), kick around, knock (about), maunder, meander, mooch, wander, range, roam, rove, traipseRelated Words amble, saunter, stroll; dawdle, mope; gypsy, hobo, tramp, vagabond; mill (about or around); straggle, stray

  3. 3 to travel by foot for exercise or pleasure <we're planning to ramble all over the highland moors when we're in Dartmoor> Synonyms amble, perambulate, hike, saunter, stroll, tramp, trompRelated Words roam, rove, wander; peregrinate, traipse, traverse, trek, walk; march, promenade; power walk

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