Synonyms and Antonyms of authorization

  1. 1 the approval by someone in authority for the doing of something you will need the authorization of the council before you can act Synonyms allowance, permission, clearance, concurrence, consent, granting, green light, leave, license (or licence), sanction, sufferance, warrantRelated Words imprimatur, seal, signature, stamp; accreditation, certification; liberty, pass; concession, patent, permit; tolerance, toleration; acceptance, acquiescence, agreement, assent, OK (or okay); accord, grantNear Antonyms denial, refusal, rejection, revocation; taboo (also tabu); injunction, veto; deterrence, discouragement, repression, suppression; ban, embargo, exclusionAntonyms interdiction, prohibition, proscription

  2. 2 the granting of power to perform various acts or duties his authorization to go ahead with the project was finally given Synonyms accreditation, commission, delegation, empowerment, license (or licence), mandateRelated Words commendation, consignment, entrustment; facilitation, fostering, promotion; commanding, directing, ordering

  3. 3 the right to act or move freely granted authorization to enter the military facility Synonyms freedom, free hand, latitude, license (or licence), runRelated Words authority, clutch, command, control, dominion, grip, hold, mandate, mastery, power, sway; range, room, space; blank check, carte blanche

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