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  1. 1 an order that something not be done or used a written interdiction against the wearing of clothing incorporating gang colors Synonyms ban, embargo, interdict, prohibition, proscription, vetoRelated Words no-no, taboo (also tabu); constraint, inhibition, limitation, restraint, restriction; deterrent, discouragement; repression, suppression; prevention; denial, disallowance, negation, refusal, rejection; objection, protest; caveat, warning; no-no; commandment, decree, dictate, edict, injunction, mandateNear Antonyms sufferance, tolerance, toleration; allowance, allowing, authorization, clearance, consent, granting, leave, letting, license (or licence), licensing (also licencing), permission, permitting, sanction, sanctioning; approbation, approval, blessing, endorsement (also indorsement), imprimatur, OK (or okay); enabling, encouragement, facilitation, promotion, support; compliance, obedience, submission; accession, acquiescence, agreement, assentAntonyms prescription

  2. 2 the act of ordering that something not be done or used the recent interdiction against open fires on the beach has riled summer revelers Synonyms banning, barring, enjoining, forbidding, interdicting, prohibition, outlawing, prohibiting, proscribing, proscriptionRelated Words bidding, charging, decreeing, dictation, direction, instruction; deterrence, discouragement, dissuading; repression, suppression; coercion, compulsion, constraint, forceNear Antonyms allowance, permission, sufferance, toleration; approval, endorsement (also indorsement); authorization, clearance, license (or licence), sanction; encouragement, promotion, support; compliance, obedience, submission

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