Synonyms and Antonyms of allowance

  1. 1 something belonging to, due to, or contributed by an individual member of a group <as the war progressed, each family's allowance of sugar and flour was reduced> Synonyms allotment, share, cut, end, part, piece, portion, proportion, quota, slice, takeRelated Words lot, ration; commission, percentage; member, partition, section, segmentNear Antonyms aggregate, composite, compound, pool, sum, total, totality; whole

  2. 2 the approval by someone in authority for the doing of something <without the official allowance of the school board, no organization can hold its meetings on school property> Synonyms permission, authorization, clearance, concurrence, consent, granting, green light, leave, license (or licence), sanction, sufferance, warrantRelated Words imprimatur, seal, signature, stamp; accreditation, certification; liberty, pass; concession, patent, permit; tolerance, toleration; acceptance, acquiescence, agreement, assent, OK (or okay); accord, grantNear Antonyms denial, refusal, rejection, revocation; taboo (also tabu); injunction, veto; deterrence, discouragement, repression, suppression; ban, embargo, exclusionAntonyms interdiction, prohibition, proscription

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