Synonyms and Antonyms of concession

  1. 1 the act or practice of each side giving up something in order to reach an agreement when trying to get a raise in your salary, it's good to know the art of concession Synonyms accommodation, compromise, give-and-take, negotiation Related Words haggle, horse trade; accord, arrangement, bargain, concurrence, consensus, deal, understanding; agreement, settlement; mediation, treaty

  2. 2 an open declaration of something (as a fault or the commission of an offense) about oneself an abject concession of guilt from the governor is the only thing that will save her political career Synonyms acknowledgment (or acknowledgement), admission, avowal, confession, self-confessionRelated Words self-accusation, self-betrayal, self-revelation; self-incrimination, self-recrimination, self-reproach; affirmation, assertion, avouchment, claim, confirmation, declaration, insistence, profession; allowance; apology, hand-wringing; betrayal, disclosure, divulgence, giveaway, revelation; announcement, declaration, proclamation, pronouncement; blame, fault, responsibility; contriteness, contrition, penitence, regret, remorse, remorsefulness, repentance, rueNear Antonyms denial, disallowance, disclaimer, recantation, rejection, renouncement, repudiationAntonyms disavowal, nonadmission

  3. 3 something granted as a special favor a concession to sell their T-shirts at the village fair Synonyms appanage (also apanage), boon, privilege, honorRelated Words courtesy; claim, entitlement, right; birthright; perquisite, prerogative; charter, grant, patent; exemption, immunity, waiverNear Antonyms burden, duty, obligation, responsibility

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