Synonyms and Antonyms of repudiation

  1. 1 a refusal to confirm the truth of a statement voters seemed satisfied by the candidate's public repudiation of the beliefs of an organization to which he had briefly belonged as a youth Synonyms contradiction, denegation, disallowance, disavowal, disclaimer, disconfirmation, negation, rejection, denialRelated Words disproof, rebuttal, refutation; negativeNear Antonyms concession, confession; affirmation, assertion, declaration; attestation, corroboration, documentation, substantiation, testament, testimony, validationAntonyms acknowledgment (or acknowledgement), admission, avowal, confirmation

  2. 2 the act or practice of giving up or rejecting something once enjoyed or desired New Year's resolutions typically include the repudiation of chocolate and other indulgences and the promise to resume working out at the gym Synonyms abnegation, renouncement, renunciation, self-denialRelated Words denial, refusal; relinquishment, resignation, surrender; self-abnegation, self-renunciationNear Antonyms acceptance; adoption, embrace, embracement, espousalAntonyms indulgence, self-indulgence

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