Synonyms and Antonyms of disconfirmation

  1. 1 a refusal to confirm the truth of a statement an official disconfirmation of the rumors that the military was planning an invasion Synonyms contradiction, denegation, disallowance, disavowal, disclaimer, denial, negation, rejection, repudiationRelated Words disproof, rebuttal, refutation; negativeNear Antonyms concession, confession; affirmation, assertion, declaration; attestation, corroboration, documentation, substantiation, testament, testimony, validationAntonyms acknowledgment (or acknowledgement), admission, avowal, confirmation

  2. 2 something (as an argument) that serves to disprove members of the sect refused to accept the scientific evidence as being in any way a disconfirmation of their deeply held religious beliefs Synonyms confutation, disproof, rebuttal, refutationRelated Words counterargument, counterevidenceNear Antonyms attestation, confirmation, corroboration, documentation, evidence, substantiation, testament, testimony, validation, witness; authentication, identification, manifestation, verificationAntonyms proof

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