Synonyms and Antonyms of disconfirm

  1. 1 to declare not to be true later updates on the news story disconfirmed many details of the initial report Synonyms contradict, disaffirm, disallow, disavow, disclaim, deny, disown, gainsay, negate, negative, refute, reject, repudiateRelated Words traverse; challenge, confute, disprove, rebut; disagree (with), disputeNear Antonyms accept, adopt, embrace, espouse; affirm, announce, assert, aver, claim, declare, maintain, profess, submit; authenticate, corroborate, substantiate, validate, verifyAntonyms acknowledge, admit, allow, avow, concede, confirm, own

  2. 2 to prove to be false contends that we will never be able to confirm or disconfirm the existence of God Synonyms belie, confound, confute, debunk, disprove, discredit, falsify, rebut, refute, shoot downRelated Words overthrow, overturn; challenge, contest, query, question; doubt, mistrust; debate, discuss, hash (over), moot, talk overNear Antonyms document, evidence, evince, record, show, support, witness; back (up), buttress, corroborate, substantiate; adduce, attest, authenticate, certify, identify; demonstrate, display, illustrate, manifestAntonyms confirm, establish, prove, validate, verify

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