as in to prove
to gain full recognition or acceptance of you must demonstrate your scientific thesis before a jury of your professional peers

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How is the word demonstrate different from other verbs like it?

Some common synonyms of demonstrate are evidence, evince, manifest, and show. While all these words mean "to reveal outwardly or make apparent," demonstrate implies showing by action or by display of feeling.

demonstrated their approval by loud applause

When would evidence be a good substitute for demonstrate?

While in some cases nearly identical to demonstrate, evidence suggests serving as proof of the actuality or existence of something.

a commitment evidenced by years of loyal service

When might evince be a better fit than demonstrate?

The meanings of evince and demonstrate largely overlap; however, evince implies a showing by outward marks or signs.

evinced not the slightest fear

When could manifest be used to replace demonstrate?

Although the words manifest and demonstrate have much in common, manifest implies a plainer, more immediate revelation.

manifested musical ability at an early age

When can show be used instead of demonstrate?

The words show and demonstrate are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, show is the general term but sometimes implies that what is revealed must be gained by inference from acts, looks, or words.

careful not to show his true feelings

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