Synonyms and Antonyms of detail

  1. 1 a separate part in a list, account, or series every detail was accounted for Synonyms item, particular, pointRelated Words article, belonging, object, stuff, thing; characteristic, component, constituent, element, factor, feature, member; ingredient; division, particle, partition, piece, portion, section, segmentNear Antonyms aggregate, composite, compound, conglomerate; entirety, sum, summation, total, totality, whole

  2. 2 a single piece of information didn't leave out a single detail in his police report on the burglary Synonyms datum, fact, nicety, particular, particularity, point, specificRelated Words article, item; component, constituent, element, ingredient, member, part; aspect, circumstance, facet, factor; evidence, exhibit; database, information, knowledgeNear Antonyms error, fallacy, falsehood, inaccuracy, misconception, misstatement, myth

  3. 3 a small military unit with a special task or function the officer sent out a detail to patrol the perimeter of the compound Synonyms detachmentRelated Words commando, firing squad, outpost, paratroops, patrol, picket, rear guard, sentry, watch; battalion, command, company, corps, division, platoon, regiment, squad, squadron, troop, wing

  4. 4 a specific task with which a person or group is charged the soldier was placed on guard detail at the border crossing Synonyms assignment, brief, business, charge, mission, job, operation, postRelated Words burden, chore, duty, need, obligation, office, requirement, responsibility; errand, labor, work; commitment, pledge, promise; appointment, commission, designation, nomination; compulsion, constraint, restraint



Synonyms and Antonyms of detail

  1. 1 to assign to a place or position once again he was detailed to guard duty Synonyms post, stationRelated Words set; appoint; place, position

  2. 2 to pick (someone) by one's authority for a specific position or duty the new assistant was detailed to accompany the boss on the business trip Synonyms assign, attach, commission, constitute, designate, appoint, name, nominate, placeRelated Words authorize, delegate, depute, deputize; anoint, consecrate, create, inaugurate, induct, install, instate, institute, invest, make, ordain; crown, enthrone, throne; choose, destine, draft, elect, handpick, select, single (out), vote (in)Near Antonyms blackball, depose, dethrone, displace, eject, evict, oust, overthrow, remove, throw out, uncrown, unmake, unseatAntonyms discharge, dismiss, expel, fire

  3. 3 to specify one after another detailed all of the reasons that the plan was a bad idea Synonyms enumerate, itemize, list, numerate, recite, reel off, rehearse, tick (off)Related Words outline; tabulate, tally; catalog (or catalogue), inventory; chart, diagram, graph; calculate, compute, estimate, figure, reckon; cite, mention, nameNear Antonyms generalize

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