Synonyms and Antonyms of company

  1. 1 an organized group of stage performers a city that is fortunate enough to have two thriving opera companies Synonyms troop, troupe Related Words stock company; cast, dramatis personae, ensemble

  2. 2 a group of people working together on a task a company of carpenters constructed the frame of the house in no time Synonyms army, band, brigade, gang, crew, outfit, party, platoon, squad, teamRelated Words battalion, corps, troop; force, host, posse, stable, troupe; administration, department, help, personnel, staff

  3. 3 a commercial or industrial activity or organization she works for a construction company Synonyms business, enterprise, concern, establishment, firm, house, interest, outfitRelated Words conglomerate, corporation, multinational; association, cartel, chain, combine, syndicate, trust; agency, dealer, outlet; microenterprise

  4. 4 the feeling of closeness and friendship that exists between companions enjoying each other's company Synonyms brotherhood, camaraderie, community, companionship, comradery, comradeship, fellowship, societyRelated Words amity, benevolence, cordiality, friendliness, friendship, goodwill, kindliness; civility, comity, concord, harmony, rapport; charity, generosity; affinity, compassion, empathy, sympathy; chumminess, familiarity, inseparability, intimacy, nearness; affection, devotion, fondness, loveNear Antonyms forlornness, loneliness, lonesomeness

  5. 5 a position within view I would prefer that you not mock your so-called friends while in my company Synonyms presence, sightRelated Words closeness, contiguity, immediacy, nearness, proximity



Synonyms and Antonyms of company

  1. 1 to come or be together as friends in her sermon the minister noted that Jesus had companied with the least privileged and most disadvantaged members of society Synonyms chum, associate, consociate, consort, fraternize, hang (around or out), hobnob, hook up, mess around, pal (around), run, sort, travelRelated Words affiliate, ally, attach, band, bond, club, collaborate, collude, confederate, conjoin, connect, cooperate, couple, gang, get along, get on, group, interrelate, join, knot, league, link, mingle, mix, rally, relate, side, socialize, team, tie, wed; befriend, friendNear Antonyms avoid, cold-shoulder, shun, snub; alienate, estrange; break up, disband, disperse, split (up); disjoin, dissociate, disunite, divorce, sever, split, sunder

  2. 2 to go along with in order to provide assistance, protection, or companionship may the Good Lord company you on your journey home Synonyms attend, chaperone (or chaperon), companion, accompany, convoy, escort, see, squireRelated Words walk; associate, consort, pal (around), team (up); defend, guard, protect; bring, conduct, guide, lead, pilot, steer, usher; follow, shadow, tag, tag along, tail; hang (around), hover (over)Near Antonyms abandon, desert, ditch, dump, forsake

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