Synonyms and Antonyms of brotherhood

  1. 1 a group of persons formally joined together for some common interest they're a brotherhood of retired war veterans Synonyms of brotherhood board, association, chamber, club, college, congress, consortium, council, fellowship, fraternity, guild (also gild), institute, institution, league, order, organization, society, sodalityWords Related to brotherhood collective, commune, community, cooperative; alliance, bloc, camp, coalition, partnership; body, cadre, group; circle, clan, clique, coterie, junta, junto, klatch (also klatsch), lot, set; crew, outfit, party, squad, team; branch, chapter, local; faithful, fold, membership; sisterhood, sorority; cabal, camarilla, camorra, confederacy, conspiracy; band, gang, ring; cartel, combine, syndicate

  2. 2 the body of people in a profession or field of activity a family that has been part of the brotherhood of police officers for four generations Synonyms of brotherhood corps, community, fellowship, fraternity, sodality, vocationWords Related to brotherhood calling, profession; association, club, federation, guild (also gild), organization, society

  3. 3 the feeling of closeness and friendship that exists between companions the brotherhood that existed between the medical missionaries and the villagers they served Synonyms of brotherhood companionship, camaraderie, community, company, comradery, comradeship, fellowship, societyWords Related to brotherhood amity, benevolence, cordiality, friendliness, friendship, goodwill, kindliness; civility, comity, concord, harmony, rapport; charity, generosity; affinity, compassion, empathy, sympathy; chumminess, familiarity, inseparability, intimacy, nearness; affection, devotion, fondness, loveNear Antonyms of brotherhood forlornness, loneliness, lonesomeness

  4. 4 kindly concern, interest, or support in a display of brotherhood, other writers rushed to the defense of the jailed journalist Synonyms of brotherhood amity, benevolence, goodwill, charity, cordiality, cordialness, fellowship, friendliness, friendship, gemütlichkeit, good-fellowship, kindliness, neighborlinessWords Related to brotherhood bonhomie, camaraderie, collegiality, community, companionship, company, comradeship; civility, comity, concord, harmony, rapport, rapprochement; charity, generosity; affinity, communion, empathy, kindness, sympathy, tolerance; altruism, philanthropy, selflessness, unselfishnessNear Antonyms of brotherhood disfavor, intolerance; animosity, antagonism, antipathy, enmity, hate, hatred, hostility, incivility, malice, rancor; belligerency, quarrelsomeness, querulousnessAntonyms of brotherhood ill will, malevolence, venom

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