Synonyms and Antonyms of fraternity

  1. 1 a group of persons formally joined together for some common interest <a firm believer in community service and a dedicated member of the local fraternity of Good Samaritans> Synonyms board, brotherhood, chamber, club, college, congress, consortium, council, fellowship, association, guild (also gild), institute, institution, league, order, organization, society, sodalityRelated Words collective, commune, community, cooperative; alliance, bloc, camp, coalition, partnership; body, cadre, group; circle, clan, clique, coterie, junta, junto, klatch (also klatsch), lot, set; crew, outfit, party, squad, team; branch, chapter, local; faithful, fold, membership; sisterhood, sorority; cabal, camarilla, camorra, confederacy, conspiracy; band, gang, ring; cartel, combine, syndicate

  2. 2 the body of people in a profession or field of activity <the fraternity of civil engineers> Synonyms brotherhood, community, fellowship, corps, sodality, vocationRelated Words calling, profession; association, club, federation, guild (also gild), organization, society

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