Synonyms and Antonyms of conspiracy

  1. 1 a group involved in secret or criminal activities <members of the conspiracy recognized each other by a secret handshake> Synonyms cabal, {h,1}ring, crew, gang, Mafia, mob, syndicateRelated Words bunch, circle, clan, clique, coterie, coven, crowd, galère, lot, network, pack, set; junta, oligarchy

  2. 2 a secret agreement or cooperation between two parties for an illegal or dishonest purpose <a conspiracy among the leading manufacturers to fix prices> Synonyms complicity, connivance, collusionRelated Words chicanery, foul play, skulduggery (or skullduggery); double-dealing, duplicity; cover-up, frame-up, setup; conspiration, intrigue, plot, scheme

  3. 3 a secret plan for accomplishing evil or unlawful ends <several generals were engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow the government> Synonyms plot, design, intrigue, machination, schemeRelated Words counterconspiracy, counterplot; frame-up; manipulation, subterfuge, trickery; artifice, contrivance, cover-up, dodge, draft, maneuver, stratagem, trick; cabal, confederacy, ring; game, gimmick, racket; ground plan, program, strategy, system; collusion, complicity, connivance, conniving, conspiration

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