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  1. 1 a listing of things to be presented or considered (as at a concert or play) the program will tell us the scheduled order of musical numbers Synonyms agenda, calendar, docket, schedule, timetable Related Words card, dance card, exercises, plate; arrangement, order, ordering, organization, sequence, setup Phrases bill of fare

  2. 2 a method worked out in advance for achieving some objective we need to come up with a program to deal with kids skipping school Synonyms arrangement, blueprint, design, game, game plan, ground plan, master plan, plan, project, road map, scheme, strategy, systemRelated Words collusion, conspiracy, plot; contrivance, device, gambit, maneuver, ruse, stratagem, subterfuge, trick; counterplan, counterstrategy; means, tactic, technique, way; procedure, protocol; conception, idea, projet, proposal, specific(s), specification(s); aim, intent, intention, purpose; diagram, formula, layout, map, pattern, platform, policy, recipe, setup

  3. 3 a way of acting or proceeding recommends a program of regular dental checkups Synonyms line, methodology, policy, procedure, courseRelated Words blueprint, design, plan, scheme, strategy; intent, intention, purpose; approach, direction, method, path, pathway, tack

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