Synonyms and Antonyms of authorize

  1. 1 to give official or legal power to only the school nurse is authorized to give any necessary shots Synonyms accredit, certify, charter [British], commission, empower, enable, invest, license (also licence), qualify, vest, warrant Related Words approve, clear, credential, endorse (also indorse), OK (or okay), sanction; affirm, confirm, validate; inaugurate, induct, initiate, install, instate, swear in; allow, let, permit; enfranchise, entitle, privilege Near Antonyms ban, bar, block, constrain, deny, disallow, disbar, discourage, disenfranchise, disfranchise, exclude, hinder, hold back, impede, inhibit, obstruct, prevent, shut out, stop; enjoin, forbid, interdict, outlaw, prohibit, proscribe, veto Antonyms disqualify

  2. 2 to give a right to this pass will authorize you to go backstage Synonyms entitle, privilege, qualifyRelated Words empower, enable, enfranchise, license (also licence); approve, endorse (also indorse); allow, let, permit; accredit, certificate, certify, charter [British], ratify; legitimize, sanction, validate, warrant; reaccredit, reapprove, recertify, recharter, revalidateNear Antonyms disable, disempower, disenfranchise; decertify; disallow, forbid, proscribe; delegitimize, invalidate, nullifyAntonyms disqualify

  3. 3 to give official acceptance of as satisfactory a system for sound reproduction that has been authorized as meeting the electronic industry's highest standards Synonyms accredit, approbate, approve, clear, confirm, finalize, formalize, homologate, OK (or okay), ratify, sanction, warrantRelated Words accept, acknowledge, affirm; certify, endorse (also indorse), validate; bless, canonize, sanctify; initial, rubber-stamp, sign, sign off (on); allow, enable, legalize, license (also licence), pass, permit; reapproveNear Antonyms ban, enjoin, forbid, illegalize, interdict, prohibit, proscribe; disregard, ignore, neglect, overlook; rebuff, rebut, refuse, spurnAntonyms decline, deny, disallow, disapprove, negative, reject, turn down, veto

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