Synonyms and Antonyms of commission

  1. 1 the granting of power to perform various acts or duties President Jefferson's commission to Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory Synonyms accreditation, authorization, delegation, empowerment, license (or licence), mandate Related Words commendation, consignment, entrustment; facilitation, fostering, promotion; commanding, directing, ordering

  2. 2 the doing of an action a single burglar was responsible for the commission of all the break-ins Synonyms accomplishment, achievement, discharge, enactment, execution, fulfillment (or fulfilment), implementation, performance, perpetration, prosecution, pursuance Related Words dispatch, expedition; administration, direction, handling, management; application, operation, practice (also practise) Antonyms nonfulfillment, nonperformance

  3. 3 a select group of persons assigned to consider or take action on some matter reported to a UN commission on the AIDS crisis Synonyms committee, panelRelated Words standing committee, steering committee; subcommittee; delegation, mission; assembly, body, congress, convocation, council, synod

  4. 4 the state or fact of being chosen for a position or duty her commission as head of the investigation Synonyms assignment, appointment, designationRelated Words billet, gig, job, office, place, position, situation, spot, station; authorization, delegation, deputation, emplacement, placement, ranking; anointing, anointment, induction, installation, installment (also instalment), instating, investiture, investment, ordination; choice, choosing, destination, election, nomination, picking, selection, singling (out)Near Antonyms blackball, rejection; deposition, dethronement, ejection, eviction, ouster, overthrow, removalAntonyms discharge, dismissal, dismission, expulsion, firing



Synonyms and Antonyms of commission

  1. 1 to appoint as one's representative plans to commission a deputy to investigate the matter Synonyms delegate, depute, deputizeRelated Words assign, charge; appoint, designate, name, nominateNear Antonyms abrogate; abdicate

  2. 2 to give official or legal power to was commissioned lieutenant Synonyms accredit, certify, charter [British], authorize, empower, enable, invest, license (also licence), qualify, vest, warrantRelated Words approve, clear, credential, endorse (also indorse), OK (or okay), sanction; affirm, confirm, validate; inaugurate, induct, initiate, install, instate, swear in; allow, let, permit; enfranchise, entitle, privilegeNear Antonyms ban, bar, block, constrain, deny, disallow, disbar, discourage, disenfranchise, disfranchise, exclude, hinder, hold back, impede, inhibit, obstruct, prevent, shut out, stop; enjoin, forbid, interdict, outlaw, prohibit, proscribe, vetoAntonyms disqualify

  3. 3 to give a task, duty, or responsibility to was commissioned to do the biography Synonyms assign, charge, entrust, task, trustRelated Words confer, impose; commit, confide, consign, delegate, recommend, relegate, repose; allocate, allot; authorize, empower, invest

  4. 4 to pick (someone) by one's authority for a specific position or duty commissioned him to head the office of veterans affairs Synonyms assign, attach, appoint, constitute, designate, detail, name, nominate, placeRelated Words authorize, delegate, depute, deputize; anoint, consecrate, create, inaugurate, induct, install, instate, institute, invest, make, ordain; crown, enthrone, throne; choose, destine, draft, elect, handpick, select, single (out), vote (in)Near Antonyms blackball, depose, dethrone, displace, eject, evict, oust, overthrow, remove, throw out, uncrown, unmake, unseatAntonyms discharge, dismiss, expel, fire

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