Synonyms and Antonyms of appoint

  1. 1 to decide upon (the time or date for an event) usually from a position of authority at the appointed hour we were in our places Synonyms designate, fix, name, set Related Words adopt, assign, choose, determine, establish, opt (for), pick, pin (down), prefer, select, settle, single (out), specify; arrange, coordinate, orchestrate; advertise, announce, declare, publish

  2. 2 to pick (someone) by one's authority for a specific position or duty was appointed to the council on national security Synonyms assign, attach, commission, constitute, designate, detail, name, nominate, place Related Words authorize, delegate, depute, deputize; anoint, consecrate, create, inaugurate, induct, install, instate, institute, invest, make, ordain; crown, enthrone, throne; choose, destine, draft, elect, handpick, select, single (out), vote (in) Near Antonyms blackball, depose, dethrone, displace, eject, evict, oust, overthrow, remove, throw out, uncrown, unmake, unseat Antonyms discharge, dismiss, expel, fire

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