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How does the verb appoint contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of appoint are accoutre, equip, furnish, and outfit. While all these words mean "to supply one with what is needed," appoint implies provision of complete and usually elegant or elaborate equipment or furnishings.

a lavishly appointed apartment

When is it sensible to use accoutre instead of appoint?

While the synonyms accoutre and appoint are close in meaning, accoutre suggests the supplying of personal dress or equipment for a special activity.

fully accoutred members of a polar expedition

In what contexts can equip take the place of appoint?

The words equip and appoint can be used in similar contexts, but equip suggests the provision of something making for efficiency in action or use.

a fully equipped kitchen

When can furnish be used instead of appoint?

While in some cases nearly identical to appoint, furnish implies the provision of any or all essentials for performing a function.

a sparsely furnished apartment

Where would outfit be a reasonable alternative to appoint?

The synonyms outfit and appoint are sometimes interchangeable, but outfit implies provision of a complete list or set of articles as for a journey, an expedition, or a special occupation.

outfitted the family for a ski trip

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