Synonyms and Antonyms of adopt

  1. to take for one's own use (something originated by another) shortly after moving to the U.S., the family dutifully adopted the American tradition of having turkey for Thanksgiving Synonyms borrow, embrace, espouse, take on, take up Related Words domesticate, naturalize; appropriate, arrogate, take over, usurp; absorb, assimilate, incorporate, quote; cherish, prize, treasure; cultivate, follow, heed, honor; use, utilize; bring up, foster, nurture, raise, rear; affect, assume, copy, imitate, pretend, put on, simulate Phrases pick up on Near Antonyms abandon, forsake, give up, relinquish, surrender; abjure, abnegate, disown; reject, renounce, repudiate, spurn; discard, jettison, junk, throw away, throw out

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