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  1. 1 to help the growth or development of the head librarian firmly declared that it is indeed the duty of local government to foster learning and a love of reading Synonyms advance, cultivate, encourage, forward, further, incubate, nourish, nurse, nurture, promote Related Words advocate, back, champion, endorse (also indorse), support, uphold; endow, finance, fund, patronize, stake, subsidize, underwrite; abet, aid, assist; advertise, boost, plug, publicize, tout; agitate (for), campaign (for), work (for) Near Antonyms ban, bar, enjoin, forbid, interdict, outlaw, prevent, prohibit, proscribe; battle, combat, contend (with), counter, fight, oppose; repress, snuff (out), squash, squelch, stifle, subdue, suppress; arrest, check, halt, retard; encumber, fetter, hobble, impede, interfere (with), manacle, obstruct, shackle Antonyms discourage, frustrate, hinder, inhibit

  2. 2 to bring to maturity through care and education a greathearted couple fostering two adopted children as well as three more of their own Synonyms breed, bring up, nourish, nurse, raise, rearRelated Words father, mother; attend, care (for), cradle, cultivate, mind, minister (to), nurture, watch; discipline, educate, instruct, mentor, school, teach, train, tutor; edify, enlighten, indoctrinate; feed, provide (for), supply; advance, forward, further, promote; prepare; direct, guide, lead, shepherd, showNear Antonyms abuse, ill-treat, ill-use, maltreat, mishandle, mistreat; ignore, neglect; harm, hurt, injure

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