Synonyms and Antonyms of attend

  1. 1 to go along with in order to provide assistance, protection, or companionship <a passel of assistants attend the movie star wherever she goes> Synonyms accompany, chaperone (or chaperon), companion, company, convoy, escort, see, squireRelated Words walk; associate, consort, pal (around), team (up); defend, guard, protect; bring, conduct, guide, lead, pilot, steer, usher; follow, shadow, tag, tag along, tail; hang (around), hover (over)Near Antonyms abandon, desert, ditch, dump, forsake

  2. 2 to pay attention especially through the act of hearing <I'm sorry, but all the noise means I'm having a hard time attending to the conversation> Synonyms listen, hark, harken, hear, hearken, heed, mindNear Antonyms discount, disregardAntonyms ignore, tune out

  3. 3 to take charge of especially on behalf of another <tired of attending other people's children, the nanny was eager to have a child of her own> Synonyms {h,2}tend, care (for), mind, oversee, superintend, supervise, watchRelated Words administrate, conduct, control, direct, govern, guide, manage, operate, preside (over), regulate, run, steward; guard, patrol, protect, safeguard, shield; baby, babysit, chaperone (or chaperon), mother, shepherdNear Antonyms abandon, disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, pass over

  4. 4 to occur or exist at the same time <all the pomp and circumstance that attend the opening of the Olympic Games> Synonyms accompany, coincide, coexist, concur, co-occur, synchronizeRelated Words chance, hap, happen, transpireNear Antonyms antedate, precede, predate; follow, succeed

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