Synonyms and Antonyms of superintend

  1. 1 to be in charge of superintends the construction of all scenery at the summer theater Synonyms captain, handle, head, overlook, oversee, quarterback, boss, superviseRelated Words administer, command, control, direct, guide, manage, order, run, shepherd, show, steer; monitor, preside (over); govern, reign, rule

  2. 2 to look after and make decisions about homeschooling parents who superintend their children's education Synonyms administer, administrate, carry on, control, direct, govern, guide, handle, keep, manage, operate, overlook, oversee, preside (over), regulate, run, steward, conduct, supervise, tendRelated Words care (for), mind, watch; lead, pilot, steer; guard, protect, safeguard; micromanage, stage-manage; codirect, comanage

  3. 3 to take charge of especially on behalf of another whoever's superintending the warehouse will know what's been delivered today Synonyms attend, care (for), mind, oversee, {h,2}tend, supervise, watchRelated Words administrate, conduct, control, direct, govern, guide, manage, operate, preside (over), regulate, run, steward; guard, patrol, protect, safeguard, shield; baby, babysit, chaperone (or chaperon), mother, shepherdNear Antonyms abandon, disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, pass over

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