Synonyms and Antonyms of guard

  1. 1 a person or group that watches over someone or something checked in with the security guard at the gate Synonyms custodian, guardian, keeper, lookout, minder, picket, sentinel, sentry, warden, warder, watch, watcher, watchman Related Words observer, patrol, spotter, surveillant, watchdog; bodyguard, convoy, defender, escort, honor guard; gatekeeper; hack [slang]

  2. 2 a position of readiness to oppose actual or expected attack be on your guard against snakes in the swamp Synonyms defensiveRelated Words alert, lookout, qui vive, watchAntonyms offensive

  3. 3 a protective device (as on a weapon) to prevent accidental operation slid the guard into place over the chainsaw chain Synonyms safetyRelated Words fail-safe; lock; defense, protection, safeguard, shield

  4. 4 means or method of defending the boxer's sparring partner managed to get a blow in under his left guard Synonyms aegis (also egis), ammunition, armor, buckler, cover, defense, protection, safeguard, screen, security, shield, wall, wardRelated Words arm, armament, munitions, weapon, weaponry; fastness, fort, fortress, palisade, strongholdNear Antonyms aggression, assault, attack, offense (or offence), offensive

  5. 5 one that accompanies another for protection, guidance, or as a courtesy the honor guards raised their sabers as the happy couple descended the church steps Synonyms attendant, companion, escort, guideRelated Words chaperone (or chaperon), squire; shadow, sidekick; conductor, leader, pilot; convoy, courier, honor guard, outrider

  6. 6 someone that protects a battalion of burly guards surrounding the celebrity Synonyms custodian, defender, protector, guardian, guardian angel, protectionRelated Words bodyguard, champion; lookout, sentinel, sentry, warden, warder, watch, watchdog, watchman; conserver, harborer, keeper, preserver, saver



Synonyms and Antonyms of guard

  1. 1 to drive danger or attack away from guard the quarterback so he doesn't get sacked Synonyms bulwark, cover, fence, fend, forfend, defend, keep, protect, safeguard, screen, secure, shield, wardRelated Words avert, prevent; oppose, resist, withstand; battle, contend, fight, war; conserve, preserve, save; buffer, palisade, picket, wallNear Antonyms bombard, storm; beset, besiege, overrun; capitulate, cave, submit, yieldAntonyms assail, assault, attack

  2. 2 to disallow entry into (a place) by means of a physical barrier at the entry point a fire-breathing dragon guarded the entrance to the castle Synonyms bar, barricade, blockade, block (off), close, wall (off)Related Words curtain (off), screen (off); dike, fence, gate, hedge; bolt, lock; obstructNear Antonyms reopen, unblock, unboltAntonyms open, unbar

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